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5 Twitter Tips and Hacks for Growing Your Audience

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If you’re new on Twitter and want to grow your audience in no time, there are things you can do to make sure your profile attracts more viewers. This won’t magically skip the waiting period we all dread, but it will give you more chances to get other Twitter users to follow you, based on your unique and creative content. What we are going to be talking about today are some Twitter tips that you can use to grow your audience in no time.

Twitter Tips to Grow Your Audience

#1. Draw People in with Your Bio

Your bio is one of the most important parts of your Twitter profile, since it is what recommends you to the world. Based on what kind of people you want following you, choose what you share with the world. If you want to get followers with a similar work background for instance, make sure and incorporate your interests so as to attract people who share them. Keep it short and meaningful. Nothing kills enthusiasm more than a long Twitter bio.

#2. Comment as Much as Possible

In terms of Twitter tips that will grow your audience, it’s important to know how to put yourself out there. Be as active as possible, and comment on recent news or trending topics. It will keep you visible and this will attract more followers. But choose wisely what you want to comment on. Only pick topics that you know will attract people from the field you are interested in.

#3. Post Regularly

If you become MIA for a while, this will decrease the likelihood of people following your profile. People want to follow profiles that will provide them with relevant content. So make sure you post regularly, and related to topics that will attract the kind of followers you want. Luckily, there are tools such as SproutSocial and Hootsuite that you can use to schedule Tweets, if you are not able to post as often as you’d like.

#4. Keep It Visual

What we mean by that actually contains two Twitter tips into one: use an interesting profile picture and an interesting header image. Usually, your profile picture should be of yourself. People are more likely to follow a profile that they can connect to a certain face, rather than one that does not have your actual picture. In terms of the header image, choose something that represents the interests you have shared in your bio. Whether it is a collage, or a picture of your team at work, keep it catchy and interesting.

#5. Use Hashtags

After all, hashtags are what Twitter is all about. So don’t be afraid to use plenty of hashtags, as long as they’re relevant, of course. Studies show that Tweets which include hashtags get at least twice the number of retweets than Tweets without any hashtags. Try to include trending hashtags in your Tweets, because people looking for them can stumble upon your profile and decide they want to stick around.

These 5 Twitter tips will definitely help you grow your audience and get more followers. Plus, they are easy to do and don’t require a lot of your time. So all there’s left to do now is wish you happy Tweeting!

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Author: Amanda Knowles