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4 Entrepreneurs Give Tips on Twitter Promotion

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One of the biggest mistake people do nowadays is underestimating the importance of Twitter followers. This has become a very popular social media platform, perfect for people who are always in a rush. Today we will present you some Twitter tips to help you with growing your business and your followers. We chose four successful entrepreneurs to offer us their insight in what concerns Twitter promotion and strategies.

Twitter Promotion Tips

1. Display the Twitter Logo

It may seem like an easy tip, but many people choose a small logo or don’t put it on their website at all. Ted Prodromou advises us to go for a bigger logo and to invite people to follow that account. Through his experience as an online marketing expert, Prodromou explains that this will attract people more. By default, users are attracted to the bigger buttons they see.

2. Use Comments for Promoted Tweets

The catch with the promoted tweets is that they last up there only if people engage with them. For this reason, it’s good to challenge people to comment on your posts. Mike Wood is the founder of legalmorning.com, as well as an online marketer and an author in this field. His advice is to accept any type of comment, whether negative or positive since it helps promote the business.

3. Incorporate Keyword and Topic Hashtags

Jason R. Rich lives in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and has written over 55 books about online marketing, interactive entertainment, ecommerce or digital photography. One of the best Twitter promotion tips he gives is to use topic and keyword hashtags when posting. This is essential if you want to further attract new followers. They simply search for a keyword or topic and, voila, they stumble upon your posts. From there, they will check out your entire page and business.

4. Market to the 18-34-Year-Old Category

This is perhaps the most important age range for Twitter. Allen Moon founded the On Deck Marketing agency, so he knows a lot about online marketing, e-commerce and product marketing strategies. As such, one of the most important Twitter promotion tips he gives is to market to the 18-34-year-olds. As it seems, 40% of them are using this platform. Moreover, they are prone to sharing and commenting on your posts more than other age ranges.


Twitter may not seem like such an important tool, but truth is it’s essential for a healthy development of your business. The professionals above have offered us some important insight into making your Twitter promotion a successful task. Perhaps the most important one is to cater to the 18-34 age range, if possible. They are the most used to this platform and love using it.

However, don’t forget to use topic and keyword hashtags and to make people engage with your content. Remember that any comment or share is very important for your online evolution. Lastly, take care of the details. A small Twitter logo may not convince anybody to follow you, whereas a big one, paired with a call to action, can do wonders for your strategy.

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Author: Amanda Knowles