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Top 4 Online Marketing Trends to Jump into Now

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In today’s society, online marketing has become one of the most important tools a business has in order to win over new clients and keep old ones satisfied. Almost everybody is an online presence nowadays. This means that as a business, you should be able to use this to your advantage. There are so many platforms where you can engage in online marketing, that the chances of your brand being recognized by more people are higher than they’ve ever been. Still, there are some online marketing trends which are particularly helpful and that you should jump into as soon as possible. Here are 4 of the best ones!

4 Online Marketing Trends You Should Follow

1. Video Ads

While video ads are not new, at least for some companies, they’re starting to get more and more visibility. That’s mainly because of how eye-catching and attractive they can be. The same way ads relying on text have been replaced by ads using powerful imagery, so will the latter get replaced by video ads. Video ads don’t have to be long in order to capture the audience’s attention. In fact, if you want to create a video ad that people will be talking about for ages, you should keep it short and memorable.

Creativity is also important when it comes to video ads, so try to think outside of the box. Click to Tweet

2. Live Video Streaming

Speaking of video, another online marketing trend that is becoming increasingly popular are live video streams. This should come as no surprise if we consider the fact that our society craves instant gratification. We want to see and hear the news while it’s happening. We want to feel like we’re there to witness it, instead of reading about it later or watching a recording of it. Businesses can take advantage of this trend by getting in contact with their customers on a more personal basis. This helps them show the face(s) behind the brand.

3. Snapchat

While Snapchat didn’t start as a platform where companies could advertise their business, that is entirely possible now. Snapchat’s biggest appeal is the fact that the content you share, be it a photo or a video, disappears after your followers saw it. This is especially enticing for the younger generation, who is a fan of exclusivity. Using Snapchat for online marketing definitely provides your customers with exclusivity, and allows you to experience real-time marketing.

4. Wearable Technology

People are becoming increasingly more interested in wearing their technology. This is quite obvious if we take a look at the number of people who own an Apple Watch. The great thing about this digital trend is the fact that it combines this type of technology with an interest in healthy living. People are more interested in eating healthy and exercising, and more importantly, keeping track of their progress. Which is why both apps dedicated to this purpose and items of wearable technology can be an amazing online marketing strategy for many businesses.

These are only a couple of online marketing trends that you should consider jumping into, but they’re definitely some of the best and most worthy ones.

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Author: Amanda Knowles