Top 7 Resume Skills Successful People Have in Common

Top 7 Resume Skills Successful People Have in Common

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Even though the job market has improved considerably, it is still a very competitive arena. And where there’s competition, there is also a need for you to up your game. Your best weapon in this fight is your resume skills. However, if you want to get ahead, you mustn’t list ordinary skills. Are you wondering how to do that? We can help you there. Here is a list of top resume skills all successful people share.

Resume Skills Which Will Get You Noticed

1. Being a Great Listener

Many people list as resume skills the fact that they are excellent communicators. You should stand out from the crowd and say that you are a good listener. It will demonstrate that you have the ability to take in information and process it in a timely manner.

2. Negotiation and Persuasion

One of the best resume skills you can list is the ability to convince and influence other people. Prospective employers will be impressed if you show that you can handle a negotiation and reach an agreement with the opposing party that is in your favor.

3. Tolerance to Stress

This particular resume skill means that you perform well in stressful situations and that you will be able to cope with it in the workplace.

4. Numeracy

The numeracy resume skill proves that you can multiply and divide in an accurate fashion, calculate percentages, use a calculator and statistics, and interpret tables and graphs.

5. Confidence

How many times have you seen this one listed as resume skills? Probably not so many times. This is the reason why a prospective employer will be quite taken with this particular quality. It presents a professional, strong, and positive image to others and it inspires both respect and confidence.

6. Global Resume Skills

Are you able to speak in more than one language? Do you appreciate other cultures? Have you ever worked or studied abroad or collaborated with an international team? Then you can unquestionably list global skills on your resume. Seeing as the best part of all companies are becoming global, this quality will score you major points with a future employer.

7. Integrity

One of the best resume skills is integrity. Show them you can adhere to their standards as well as procedures and that you can maintain their confidentiality standards. You must also question inappropriate behavior and vouch that you will behave in a standard way.

When it comes to resume skills, always remember to list only those for which you can actually vouch.

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Author: Amanda Knowles