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Top 5 MIT Online Courses to Enroll In

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The MIT Open Courseware offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has some of the best online courses that you could enroll in to develop your skills and learn new things. They have an impressive selection of courses, ranging from technology and engineering, to literature and gender studies. Today, we are going to explore top 5 of the best MIT online courses for people who are interested in economics, science, technology, engineering, and so on. Let’s begin, shall we?

MIT Online Courses

1. Economics and E-Commerce

The goal of this course is to help you understand the economics behind certain businesses on the internet. It makes use of empirical studies and theoretical models. It will take you through elements of industrial organization such as product differentiation, monopoly pricing, or price discrimination. You will also get more practical, discussing actual online businesses, and applying what you’ve learned in the first part of the class. So if you are looking for MIT online courses that specialize in economics, you might want to take a look at this one.

2. Finance and Society

This course looks as the history of finance and how it relates to our society. This means that it will focus on a lot of factors, from economic, to cultural, political, technological, and intellectual ones. It includes knowledge from both the human sciences and economy, to paint a multi-dimensional picture. The goal of the course is to provide the students with a background of financial concepts that have shaped finance as we perceive it today.

3. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

If you’d like some MIT online courses to help you learn programming and introduce you to computer science, then you should start with this one. It is useful to people who are not familiar with these topics, or who only know some basic information about them. You will use the Python programming language to understand how important computers are in solving problems. You will also learn how to accomplish minimal programming, regardless of your previous experience.

4. Principles of Engineering Practice

This is another interdisciplinary course that focuses on technical and social sciences principles. But this one looks at engineering the way it is today. You will get practical and participate in real engineering projects, in order to understand the challenges of engineering. You will look at political, economic, and social factors that contribute to the challenging nature of engineering. What is more important is that you will learn by doing. So if you want to get crafty while you’re taking some MIT online courses, you might want to consider this one.

5. Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering

If you’re fascinated with the changes that happen to the human body in space, you’re definitely going to like this course. It focuses on how the body adapts in environments that are different from the ones it is used to. Like in one that lacks gravity, for instance. You will learn what are the physiological issues that humans face when they go to space. The course looks at muscle mechanics, bone mechanics, the cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal dynamics and control. Moreover, you will also focus on engineering methods that work to uncover such issues and find a solution to them.

We hope we’ve convinced you that you should try some of the MIT online courses. If we did, then you should know there are a lot of other options that you can choose from. All you have to do is think of something you’re passionate and want to learn more about.

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Author: Amanda Knowles