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Successful Entrepreneurs Offer 9 Tips for Selling on eBay

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eBay is an extremely popular auction-based site. So, chances are, if you look for collectibles and rare items, eBay might have exactly what you need. But say you want to sell your own products. How are you going to attract attention away from all the other vintage rarities? If you have some entrepreneurial dreams and feel eBay is the right place for you to start, we’ve made a list of 9 tips for selling on eBay from top entrepreneurs.

9 Tips from 3 Top Entrepreneurs

Linda Lightman (eBay store: Linda’s stuff)

Linda Lightman is a 53-year-old woman from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Over the past 15 years, Linda worked to turn her luxury store into an incredibly successful business. She started out by selling her son’s video games and then turned to fashion. She started selling her own clothes and accessories. Word got out quick and by 2006, Linda was moving to an actual office space with 20 employees. Currently, her store has 5,000 listings a day and 140,000 unique items on the site. Her business brings her nearly $25 million dollars per year. As a hardworking entrepreneur, here are a few tips that Linda swears by:

  • Take clear pictures of your items: Linda says: ‘Get up close and personal with the item. Show all the detail that a buyer would want to see.’
  • Describe your item in detail: ‘Describe, describe. The pictures are great but they need a great description to highlight the item.’ Linda advises. She also adds that a title should include clear identifiers that might match what the buyer is looking for.
  • Always answer to customer questions: ‘Even if you have included the information in your description, the buyer often wants to know additional things’ Linda says. So be sure to help clarify things with customers all the time.

Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier is another example of successful entrepreneurship. Collier is the author of the bestselling book eBay for Dummies, which is still on the top on eBay e-commerce worldwide. Her subsequent books on how to use the internet to grow your business projects were on the top best-selling lists for business and e-commerce as well. The awards for her insight on social media as a customer venue speak for her flair for entrepreneurship in mixing technology with business.

Here are our picks of tips for selling on eBay Marsha stands by:

  • First of all, sell what you know: Marsha advises: ‘If you’re into fashion, sell that; if you’re into golf, sell golf equipment, and so on.’
  • Keep track of your profit: ‘If you can’t sell an item with enough of a profit margin, it’s probably not worth your time and effort to sell that item’ Marsha says
  • Don’t set up your store from the get-go: ‘Don’t open an eBay store until you’ve had a number of transactions on the site and you’re comfortable with the way eBay works.’

Jim “Griff” Griffith (official page)

Jim Griffith is the author of The Official eBay Bible and that is very telling of his expertise. Griffith is the dean of eBay education; his humor and insight on being either seller or buyer on eBay turned him into the successful entrepreneur he is today. It was only obvious that we were going to include his tips for selling on eBay on the list and help you make the best of deals on the site.

  • Start out with more than one product: Griffith advises: ‘An effective way to build a customer base on eBay is to offer at least two separate types of items, between which you can cross promote and drive customers from one to the other.’
  • Set up a place just for your store: ‘If you’re selling from home, set up a dedicated space with areas for inventory storage, packing materials, photographing and, of course, a desk for your computer and printer.’
  • Use the HTML editor: ‘Use the HTML editor built in to both eBay’s “Sell Your Item” form and eBay’s free Turbo Lister. With the HTML editor, you can format description text quickly and easily’.

Final Words

We hope these tips for selling on eBay covered a lot of space in your search for becoming a successful entrepreneur. For full disclosure on everything the website has to offer, Griffith’s and Collier’s books are of course available for you to buy. Remember to keep a clear mind and consider all the options if you want to build your customer base. And get to selling!

Image source: Pixabay.

Author: Amanda Knowles