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Three Influencers Share Advice on How to Be Happy with Yourself


The condition of happiness depends on one factor and one factor only, which is yourself. However, in this world of overflooding information, it is hard to keep track of some simple needs and desires. People see social media profiles with top-notch gadgets, eye-popping vehicles, and love stories that seem the adult version of fairy tales. It is easy to get lost in these temptations and forget what you really want in this world. Fortunately, there are three influencers who want to tell you more about how to be happy with yourself.

1. Replace Happiness with Flow

Happiness has taken too many shapes these days to satisfy them all. In today’s world, being a successful person entails owning best car, phone, house, having a wonderful family, and a spectacular career among others. However, a positive psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, proposes readers to change today’s concept of happiness with the flow.

This replacement is a genuine feeling that doesn’t need confirmation from anybody else. It describes an experience where it is only you and a real feeling of ecstasy. A fast way to achieve this state is when you are skiing. In this case, it is only you, the slope, and the end of the slope which represents the goal in your life. The fast pace gives you endorphins, and you know this moment is right.

The same kind of flow can be achieved in your professional life as well. However, you should devoid yourself of the social media culture that tells you what to like and what not. As such, by simply listening to a true story from customers or patients, one can achieve pure joy. In his view, it is the small moment that matters.

2. Train Yourself to Become Happy

There is one biochemist in the world who decided to become a Buddhist monk as well. This is about Matthieu Ricard and his ideas on how to be happy with yourself. This scientist who claims to be happy defined this state as a discovery of serenity and fulfillment. The interesting thing is that he believes that this type of well-being can linger even when a person is sad.

For him, happiness is when our consciousness is at ease. This layer of awareness is an honest mirror of our state of mind. To make it spotless, you can practice mind training. This exercise supposes that all destructive feelings have their healing counterparts (hatred and love, jealousy and rejoice). However, such a pair can’t exist at the same time. Once people feel sadness, they tend to come back to this emotion with every occasion. Soon, it turns into an obsession.

However, mind training is not about ignoring destructive feelings. On the contrary, people should become aware of the source of their negative experiences. The more they rationalize the cause, the more that feeling loses its influence. In the end, that bad sensation loses supremacy over one’s mind. This is the right moment to nourish its counterpart, which can be happiness itself.

3. Happiness Is Not What You Think

Darya Rose is a health influencer and has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She managed to translate how to be happy with yourself in biological terms. However, she found one mistake that almost all people make. They believe that dopamine fulfills them. This happiness compound is activated whenever people go for immediate reward. Therefore, they receive a quick dosage of a good feeling in a matter of second. This sensation kicks in whenever people eat fast food, drink alcohol, watch a movie or procrastinate.

In today’s world, dopamine became the equivalent of happiness. However, Darya Rose doesn’t believe that. She takes dopamine as an enemy. This is because this neurotransmitter actually creates intense desire, but it doesn’t satisfy this desire. As such, after people eat their greasy hamburger, they lose their happiness, and they start feeling guilty or even disgust.

However, Rose encourages people to invest time in activating the real happiness pills which are GABA, oxytocin, and serotonin. These are released through physical exercise, meditation, music, prayer, learning, creativity, and socializing.


All three influencers have one thing in common which can make you discover how to be happy with yourself. They all encourage you to disregard what other think your happiness should look like. Instead, you should take control of your emotions, understand where your destructive feelings come from, and invest in quality habits.

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Author: Amanda Knowles