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The Downside of Social Media: 3 Things Best Avoided

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While there’s no denying that using social media, especially to develop your business, is one of the best ways to make sure more people find out about your brand and become interested in buying your products, there’s also the downside of social media that you should be aware of. Not everything you do on social media will grow your business. On the contrary, some things might have negative consequences on how people perceive your brand. Today’s guide is all about the 3 main things that you should avoid doing when it comes to using social media for your business.

The Downside of Social Media: Why Avoid These 3 Things?

1. Posting Too Often

It’s great to be active on social media and remind people of your brand. Still, if you bombard them with a lot of posts on a daily basis, you’re going to get the opposite effect. Many people will feel like they need a break from seeing and hearing about your business. There’s no exact rule that states how often you should post. The key is to keep things balanced. Don’t post 5 things in one day and then none for the rest of the week. For instance, you could limit your Facebook posts to three to five a week.

2. Advertising Too Aggressively

Everybody knows that one of the main reasons why a business has a social media profile is because it ultimately wants to increase its sales and gain more customers. The fact that this is your end game shouldn’t mean that you should use social media only to advertise your products.

People don’t follow a page or an account just to see a lot of advertisements. Click to Tweet
 They follow it because they find something else they like there, such as posts related to the business field of that particular brand (fashion, for example).

If you don’t want people to get tired of you promoting your products on social media, we advise you to keep the advertisements to 20 percent of your total posts. Then, focus the rest 80 percent on engaging posts and interesting information.

3. Not Replying

One of the greatest advantages of social media for business is that you have the opportunity to interact with your customers on a more personal level. Simply having an account but never engaging with the people following you won’t get you very far. Which is why whenever someone asks you a question or addresses a complaint, you should never ignore them. Moreover, you shouldn’t wait for too long before replying.

Even if it’s more difficult to reply to messages, comments, or tweets outside of business hours, failing to do so could make it look like you don’t care about addressing your customers’ concerns in a timely fashion. This is especially true whenever the concern is urgent and can’t wait a couple of hours for you to get back to the office. Of course, social media presence also depends on the nature of your business. Still, if you want to get a head start in the business world, being constantly available on social media is a great first step.

As long as you avoid doing these 3 things, you’re safe from the downside of social media and free to successfully run your business.

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Author: Amanda Knowles