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Who Are The 5 Highest Paid Oscar Nominees?

highest paid oscar nominees

While everyone is still focused on the best-picture debacle, last night at the 89th annual Academy Awards presentation, there are five stars who have brought home the cash, win or lose. These five highest paid Oscar nominees have appeared on Forbes rankings for the highest paid entertainers. Together, these actors have earned a combined $640 million.

Here are the Top 5 Highest Paid Oscar Nominees for 2017:

#5 – Emma Stone

This amazing young star (28) is up for best actress for her leading role in “La La Land.” Since 2012 she has earned $40 million dollars for roles in movies like “Birdman,” and “The Amazing Spider-man.”

#4 – Natalie Portman

Natalie comes out near the top of the list earning $50 million dollars since 2011. At 35, she has already starred in movies like “Black Swan” and “Thor.” And she will always have a place in movie history because of her performance in the Star Wars franchise.

#3 – Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is already the most nominated actor ever at the Oscars with 20 nominations. If she wins this year, she will tie with Kathryn Hepburn for the most female actress wins. If she doesn’t win, she won’t go home empty handed. At 67, she has earned $110 million just since places like FORBES began counting the star’s income.

#2 – Nicole Kidman

At 49, Kidman has earned $150 million since 2002 in movies like “The Stepford Wives,” “The Golden Compass,” and “Australia.” If she wins this year, it will be her second Oscar. She won in 2002 for, “The Hours.”

#1 – Denzel Washington

This amazing actor has banked almost $300 million dollars since 2003 thanks to roles in movies like “American Gangster,” “Man on Fire,” and “The Equalizer.” He’s getting about $20 per movies. This 62-year-old actor has the rare ability to please both audiences and critics.

Only Emma Stone took home an Oscar last night. But, the others on this list will surely continue to be nominated and earn.

Author: Rich Stevenson

Rich Stevenson leads a network of young leaders investing in church planting and missions around the globe (www.malachinetwork.org). He has authored 5 books, including Secrets of the Spiritual Life and A Voice from Home. For more information visit: www.richstevenson.org.