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3 Fun Team Building Activities for Work

fun team building activities for work

In a previous article, we detailed three awesome team building activities which you can do in the office, and that require minimal preparation. They will help your team become more efficient, successful, and productive. However, they also need to have some fun together. Here are three team building activities for work.

1. Fun Team Building Activities for Work – Zombie Escape

This team building game will have your team working on their creative problem-solving skills and their collaboration methods. Here’s how it works.

Gather all your employees into one large conference room. Empty it of all the furniture and ‘lock’ the entrance door or doors. One of the team members has to play the zombie. This idea means that you have to tie him up in the corner of the room. He has to act the part, as well. Have him say ‘braaaaaaaaaaaiiiiins’ in that creepy way zombies do.

You will also need to set up five to ten clues which your team needs to solve. They have one hour to do so. While they do, for every 15 minutes that pass, you will let out the rope holding back the zombie by a foot. Therefore, he will get closer and closer, threatening to ‘eat’ the team members.

2. Fun Team Building Activities for Work – Lip Sync Battle

For the second idea on our fun team building activities for work list, you will need a smartphone, laptop or mp3 player, and some speakers. Divide the team into groups of three or four members. Each of them will represent a band. They can choose their band name and split responsibilities among themselves, such as who is the lead singer, bass player or drummer.

Since this is a lip sync battle, the ‘bands’ will have to mime performing a song of their choosing. However, if you really want to challenge them, you can choose a song that will put them in a slightly more difficult position.

3. Fun Team Building Activities for Work – Drawing Back to Back

Our list of team building activities for work ends with a really fun one. Here’s how you do it. Divide the team into groups of two. The pairs will go one against the other in drawing. The people have to sit with their backs to each other. One knows what they have to draw while the other doesn’t but has to draw it.

The person in the know will give instruction to the one drawing on how to do it but without telling him or her the actual topic. They only have to give them instructions. In the end, the sets of partners will have to compare the drawings. The team that created the most accurate one wins.

Do you know why most employees don’t like to or shy away from participating in team building activities for work? Because they find it boring, tiresome or even shameful. But not with our ideas. We suggest you try them all and watch your employees have the time of their life.

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Author: Amanda Knowles