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How to Ensure a Successful Leadership Transition

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No matter how great of a leader someone is, eventually, they’ll have to be replaced with someone new. Be it because they want to take on a new role, or because the company wants to provide other employees with a chance to shine as well, leadership transitions are quite customary in the business world. While it’s important to focus on the qualifications of both leaders, the one who’s leaving and the one who’s taking his or her place, it’s also vital to consider the leadership transition and ensure it runs smoothly. Here are a couple of tips and tricks on how to secure a successful leadership transition.

Leadership Transition Done Right: 4 Tips and Tricks

1. Both Leaders Should Be on the Same Page

Even though no one wants to be faced with a leadership transition caused by the fact that the current leader is doing a bad job or has to be let go, these situations are a reality that shouldn’t be denied. If this is the case, the best way to ensure a smooth transition is to make sure both leaders are on the same page. They should be aware of the fact that the transition is for the benefit of the entire company, and that there should be no hard feelings between them. Moreover, they shouldn’t go around spreading rumors about one another. In fact, they should cast each other in a positive light as much as possible.

2. The Outgoing Leader Should Leave Everything in Order

No one wants to be promoted as leader of a team and have to take care of issues that the former leader started but didn’t finish. Which is why you have to make sure the outgoing leader takes as much time as he or she needs in order to solve everything there is to solve before leaving.

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This will also maximize productivity, since he or she can start working on their own projects the moment they assume the leadership position.

3. The Team Should Be on Board

No leader can actually lead without the support of his or her team. Which is why whenever your company is going through a leadership transition, you have to make sure everyone in the team feels comfortable with it. Otherwise, you might notice tensions between the leaders and certain team members. In turn, this could lead to decreased productivity and unnecessary conflicts. Be particularly careful when it comes to employees who you know are more difficult to deal with.

4. You Should Mark the Transition Symbolically

This might seem like an unnecessary thing to do during a leadership transition. However, it can actually make a huge difference. There has to be an exact moment when the former leader hands off the reigns of the leadership. You could make a day of it by coming up with an entertaining and humorous ceremony. You can even include an actual passing of the baton moment. This will bring a certain amount of closure to the old leader, and open new possibilities for the current one.

We hope this leadership transition plan will prove useful to you the next time your company has to go through this process.

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Author: Amanda Knowles