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5 Reasons to Stay Away from Fake Twitter Followers

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We would all like to have a lot of people follow our business account on Twitter. After all, getting online visibility is great for the success and popularity of your business. However, you will only benefit if those followers are real, and not fake accounts that you paid in order to get more followers. Some businesses and famous people choose to pay for part of their Twitter followers in order to seem more popular. Even if having a lot of followers sounds amazing, fake Twitter followers can damage your business more than they can help it. Here is why you should stay away from them!

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fake Twitter Followers

1. They Won’t Engage Any Further

The truth is that you can’t determine the success of a business only by looking at the number of followers it has on Twitter. Engagement is what matters most. If you pay fake Twitter followers, you are paying them only to follow you. After this happens, you will never hear from them again. In order to grow your business, you need people who can like your content and share it with other people. Potential customers are going to be able to figure out that most of your Twitter followers are fake if the numbers are really high but the engagement is minimal.

2. Your Twitter Account Might Get Banned or Deleted

Twitter doesn’t allow users to buy followers. This means that if they discover that you paid for most of your followers, they might suspend your account or even delete it in some cases. So before paying people to follow you on Twitter, think about whether it is worth it or not. Would you rather have a decent number of followers who actually engage with your posts, or risk losing your account by violating Twitter’s terms?

3. You Will Put Your Real Followers at Risk

Many fake Twitter accounts are not as harmless as they look. They can engage in scams and access your real followers’ accounts. So if you want your followers to trust you, you shouldn’t jeopardize their account and personal information by allowing fake followers to get in touch with them.

4. People Can See How Many Fake Followers You Have

If you thought that you can buy fake followers and simply get away with it, let us tell you that this is not possible. There are many free tools that people can use to see how many fake followers your account has. Of course, you might have fake followers that you are not even aware of. However, if you’ve paid for most of them, the difference will be huge.

5. People Won’t Trust Your Business

When you’re trying to build a certain reputation for your business, you want people to see that you are righteous and moral. Moreover, you want to show them that you would never do anything to break their trust. Buying Twitter followers is often regarded as immoral and sketchy. Consequently, it might make people distrust your business and avoid engagement with your brand.

We hope we’ve managed to prove why having fake Twitter followers is bad for your business and why you should focus on building a community of followers who really engage with your posts. If you do have fake Twitter followers and want to get rid of them, follow the instructions in the video below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles