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5 Social Media Metrics to Measure When Overseeing a Campaign

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Whenever you are in charge of a social media campaign designed to boost your company’s visibility, there are many things that you have to pay attention to. At the end of it all, when you will have to show something for your efforts, you have to be able to come up with more than a slight increase in the number of Twitter followers. Social media metrics are really important when it comes to campaigning for your company. That is because they provide you with an insight into how you’re performing through statistics and data. Today, we are going to look at 5 such metrics that you should focus on.

5 Social Media Metrics for a Successful Campaign

1. Brand Sentiment

Perhaps you are one of those people who think that if your company is talked about, it doesn’t really matter what people are saying. Well, we are here to tell you that it actually does, and it can impact your brand quite severely. Naturally, negative feelings towards your company are something you want to steer clear of. Which is why you should use a tool such as Meltwater to help you keep track of the conversations about your brand.

2. Klout Score

Klout is a popular social media engagement tool that can help you measure how much your marketing strategies are influencing clients. Do people perceive you as an authority? Do they easily recognize your brand? Keep an eye on your Klout score constantly. That way, you will be able to see if your social media followers are engaged or not.

3. Lead Rate

Have you ever heard of Convertro or Marketo? They are both really great software that help you see if your campaign is drawing in new leads. The computer programs look at how many times a person has to look at your website, interact with you via social media, or open your emails before he or she becomes an actual customer. You might also find out what step of the campaign was more effective at lead conversion.

4. Share of Voice

How many people are talking about your company and how many are discussing one of your competitors instead? The share of voice metric helps you figure that out. You can look at each social media platform and analyze the findings in order to come up with successful ways of engaging the audience more. Radian6 is a really effective tool when it comes to calculating this metric.

5. Content Quality and Relevance

Of course, one of the most important things that make people loyal to your brand is the quality and relevance of the content you post or share. Look at every piece of data and analyze page views and how much time people spend on a page. If the content is interesting, people will naturally spend more time reading through it. You can use Google Analytics and go under Content and then Overview. That way, you will know what kind of content your audience prefers and what kind of content you should avoid posting.

These 5 social media metrics will definitely make your business more successful if you know how and when to use them. We hope our guide has provided you with some useful insight into each of them.

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Author: Amanda Knowles