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Social Media Engagement: What It Is and Five Ways to Raise It

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Social Media is a fantastic way to stay connected with your customers and let them know about resources, news, or promotions that they might be interested in. But maximizing your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages requires more than simply posting funny cat pictures; to increase your audience’s awareness of your brand, you have to raise your level of involvement on those platforms.

When discussing¬† social media engagement, many people don’t know what it is. As the title sounds, social media engagement is defined as the amount of traction that the various platforms are getting and is measured in likes, comments, shares, and other activity on the post. Different platforms have different ways to measure engagement: for Twitter, you can check the number of re-tweets your posts get and how many followers you accrue; on Facebook, monitor the number of shares and likes; for Instagram, it’s good to see how many followers you are gaining as well as how many are liking your content.

Engaging your users with content relevant to your brand is the key to creating a sense of loyalty that will keep your customers coming back for years to come. Below are some best practices for maximizing your social media platforms:

1. Run a Contest

Everyone loves free stuff! If you’re looking to get a lot of likes, shares, and followers in a hurry, there’s no better way than to run a contest and give away something for free. Depending on your business, it could be an autograph, limited-run item, or something else. Encourage people to interact with your post to earn more chances to win.

2. Create Partnerships

Find complimentary businesses that you can partner with to either run promotions together or share content. This will not only create relationships that you can use in the future, but also allow you to tap into an existing customer base that is already warm to your product.

3. Use Images and Video

Facebook, in particular, gives more weight to things you can watch instead of things you can read, so in order to get a wider organic reach, consider using pictures or memes on your posts. Since Instagram is already a visual medium, you can also create images that include a quote or text within them.

4. Post Consistently

In order to make sure that your posts are showing as often as possible, create a schedule for posting and stick to it. Otherwise, your reach will continue to diminish and future posts won’t have as much initial reach. Social media engagement is all about momentum, so make sure you keep the ball moving.

5. Be Personal

Since engagement runs on interaction, don’t be afraid to ask for comments, but make sure you do it in a way that is fun for the user. For instance, post a question and ask people to answer it, or ask people to tag someone that can identify with that specific piece of content. Either way, make sure that your customers see a real person behind the screen.

Getting the Most out of Social Media

Engagement sounds like a daunting task, but it should be fun for both parties: the user and the company. Not only will you be able to display a sense of personality, but you’ll also be able to tap into customer needs that can help you with future product development and promotions.


Author: Amanda Knowles