Sinclair Customer Metrics: When You Need Better Engagement

Sinclair Customer Metrics: When You Need Better Engagement

sinclair customer metrics

If you are an avid shopper and like to spend your days in malls, then you’ve probably already heard of mystery shopping. This is the practice of going to outlets and observing customer service followed by filling out a form to report on your findings. One of the most impressive companies that deals with customer engagement and how to make the most of your customer interaction is Sinclair Customer Metrics. The company is looking for an opportunity to prove to you that you can turn satisfied customers into loyal customers with their help. Today, we are going to provide you with an outlook on their services and why they are some of the best.

Sinclair Customer Metrics Services

Mystery Shopping

First of all, they have the mystery shopping service that helps organizations satisfy their customers. As a customer of this service, you can devise your own goals. They will keep them in mind when analyzing your customer service operations and advising on a better way to handle them. They look at conditions, procedures, practices, behaviors, and anything else related to customer experience. The work is done on-site, so you definitely get a fair and realistic assessment of the facts.

After analyzing your customer service, they send you a report that you can access whenever you want. The report helps managers realize the things that work and the thing that need improvement. Furthermore, you also get information about how to change your tactics for the better.

They also rely on video in order to capture the experience properly. Moreover, they call your business in order to check telephone skills and how they can be improved.

​Customer Satisfaction Surveys

​Not only does Sinclair Customer Metrics look at how your employees treat customers, but it also surveys customers themselves. Their goal is to help you see their satisfaction levels and understand how to turn that into loyalty.

To that purpose, they adapt surveys according to what you want to look at. They check your customers’ needs, reactions, desires, and so on. You will learn how effective your service is and if your customers think the people working for you treat them properly. Do your employees stick to the company’s policy? These surveys will tell you that. They will also tell you if the policy you have in place now is the best you can have for your customers’ satisfaction.

​A Better Reporting System

​Finally, they have a web application called NetReports. This app helps you train your employees in areas where you would like them to improve. They customize the training modules they provide to your managers. Moreover, training is strictly online, which is extremely convenient. They also use photos and video, which can only make the experience better. After you complete whatever training you need, you will get status reports. Then, you also have the option to follow-up and see how effective the entire training was.

We hope everything we have mentioned today about Sinclair Customer Metrics has convinced you that they are one of the greatest options out there when it comes to perfecting your company’s customer service.

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Author: Amanda Knowles