3 Awesome Side Project Ideas to Work on in Your Free Time

3 Awesome Side Project Ideas to Work on in Your Free Time

woman with clipboard working on a side project

Did you ever consider that an inspiring career can mean more than what a person does at their nine to five job? Side projects are very easy to pick up and even easier to maintain if you really want to. But, where to start? Where to get some cool ideas for a side project? If you don’t have one of your own already based on your personal skills, talent, and knowledge, here are 3 awesome side project ideas which will get you going as fast as you can say startup!

1. Keep a Blog

The first rule of keeping a blog is that it doesn’t matter whatsoever what it is about. If you expected to read that the first rule of keeping a blog is never to talk about your blog, we’re not going to do you that favor. Simply because when keeping one, you should definitely talk about it and market it as much as you can.

You can write about music, movies, clothes, accessories, decorations, and whatever else seems to be occupying your mind lately. You can also post pictures of your cooking or sewing online. Who knows, if you’re good enough, you might even get a book deal out of it.

2. Start an Online Business

For you to be able to start an online small business and find a formidable side project idea, you really need to dig down inside yourself and find an area in which you’re very talented. Once you do that, the side project idea will come to you naturally.

Here’s a brilliant tip – if you feel like you cannot channel your talent at this point towards a small business, it doesn’t matter. Think about what you’re really knowledgeable about. Have you ever seen 27 dresses? Take it from there. Maybe you’ve been to so many weddings that now know how to do everything. How about that?

3. A Side Project Idea Can Also Mean Doing Social Good

If there is a cause that moves you, go for it, as it might be the best thing you do not today or in the near future, but in your entire lifetime. Here are a few examples of other people and their awesome side project ideas for doing social good.

  • The Max Love Project aims to help families who have children suffering from cancer to better cope with the condition.
  • GoodCall was developed as a search tool for students to find the best scholarships and apply to them.
  • Gramforacause is a delightful project which teams up random Instagrammers with non-profit organizations. They Instagram users provide beautiful and completely free photos for the organizations, and they get back recognition and deeper meaning for their favorite pastime.

A side project idea can come from nowhere, but it can lead you everywhere. You can even change someone’s life forever. How cool is that?

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Author: Amanda Knowles