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6 Self Made Billionaires That Teach Us the Value of Perseverance

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Everybody hopes to have their efforts rewarded some day with billions of dollars. However, it is not easy at all, which is why everybody envies self made billionaires. Today we are going to look at various examples and see how their perseverance helped a lot along the way.

Self Made Billionaires to Inspire You

1. Bill Gates

A name that has become synonymous with technology, Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the entire world. He started programming various computers when he was only 13. Talking about perseverance when following your dream, he even dropped out of Harvard and set up his own business. Today, his estimated net worth reached $85.7 billion.

2. Warren Buffett

Like Bill Gates, he started early in his quest for business. When he was only 11, he bought his first stock investment. By 13, he had already set up a small business in delivering newspapers. Currently, he is a chairman and CEO at Berkshire Hathaway. The stock is not an easy place, so imagine how much perseverance did this billionaire need to get there. His net worth today is a little more over $70 billion.

3. Amancio Ortega

Back in 1975, Ortega co-founded the famous clothing company Zara. The company he owns, Inditex, is the biggest fashion group in the world. What’s remarkable with this businessman is that he succeeded in avoiding the financial crisis in Spain. From 2009 to 2014, he managed to grow his wealth by $45 billion, which is amazing. Now his estimated net worth is $65 billion.

4. Larry Ellison

Yet another of the great self made billionaires to inspire us is Larry Ellison. Ellison’s evolution is rather incredible, having gone from programmer to entrepreneur. Together with 2 other colleagues, he founded Oracle, which was a system used by the CIA. He was the CEO until 2014 and is currently the chairman and the chief technology officer. The estimated net worth is $51.5 billion.

5. Ingvar Kamprad

When he was only 17, Ingvar Kamprad put up the basis of the famous furniture company IKEA. The name of the company is, in fact, an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. This it is a combination of his name, the nearest village and the name of the family farm. After that, the company went international and now he is a senior advisor on the board of the group. His estimated net worth is $48.1 billion.

6. Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the one who wrote the initial business plan for Amazon. After the company saw its success, he also set up another company: the human spaceflight one Blue Origins. Talk about perseverance! Moreover, he now owns 18% of the shares for Amazon, which is currently disrupting the media industry. Bezos’ net worth is estimated at $39.8 billion.


All these self made billionaires’ successful stories should make you more determined to reach your goals. As you could see, many of them started early and didn’t reach success until years later.  For this reason, it’s important to be perseverant and to have the patience to try again as many times as it’s necessary to succeed.

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Author: Amanda Knowles