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5 Search Engine Optimization Tips from Experts

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Though it might seem hard to learn how to do SEO, the effort is totally worth it. Knowing the right strategies to use might boost your website in no time if you apply them correctly. Today we are going to discuss some search engine optimization tips given by experts in the field. They all applied them in their own businesses and as you can see, they’ve met their goals.

Search Engine Optimization Tips to Boost Your Website

1. Get Local

It’s extremely important to get known locally if your business aims to attract local customers. As such, besides adding the required information on your online profiles, add your company to the local listings at Google and Bing, for example. This advice is given by Danny Sullivan, who is a search engine expert, as well as an editor-in-chief at Search Engine Land. Through his experience, he learned how important it is to cater locally if the profile of your business matches this sector.

2. Be Original

We cannot stress how important this is when you want to have a higher ranking of your website. Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom Jayson DeMers says that you should have a strict rule when it comes to originality. He explains that copying articles from other website create duplicate content. The latter not only ruins your search rankings, but it can also bring you a copyright infringement issue.

3. Research Your Competition

As good as you think you are, it’s a mistake not to pay attention to your competition as well. Check what keywords they are using and how are they ranking for them. Next, see how you stack up against them and why is/isn’t your website doing well. Brandon Turner is an expert when it comes to real estate and not only. Through his online experience with real estate investing communities, he knows how to best use SEO. His advice is to use the private browsing mode on your web browser and see what’s your competitors’ ranking.

4. Choose Quality Backlinks

Jason Parks comes from Columbus, Ohio, and is the founder of The Media Captain. Through his digital marketing agency, he managed to gain a lot of knowledge of the way in which SEO works. The advice he has for young entrepreneurs and not only is not to believe all backlinks are the same. It’s very important to have quality and relevant backlinks. For example, linking to your Facebook, Twitter, or the email newsletter isn’t going to boost your website.

5. Continuous Testing and Measuring

One of the best search engine optimization tips you can follow is to continuously test and measure. You can’t create good SEO and then leave your website like that. Jon Rognerud, a legend when it comes to SEO, advises us to analyze the search engine rankings and the web traffic to see if our programs are effective or not. Moreover, assess the individual keyword performance.


It’s not an easy task to create the best SEO for your website, However, things just got easier with the search engine optimization tips we gathered from experts in the field and presented above.

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Author: Amanda Knowles