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Using Safe Space Training to Help Your Team Grow

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Perhaps one of the most important lessons that a team leader or a manager has to learn is that employees need to feel like they are part of a safe space in order to perform at their best. If you create an environment where they can express themselves freely, be creative, come up with innovative ideas, and overall be themselves, you are one step closer to a successful team. If you are wondering how you can use safe space training in your office, we are here to help you. Today, we are going to look at a few tips and tricks on how to turn your office into a safe space.

Involve Your Team in Setting up the Safe Space Training

That means that you should work together in creating the safe space. For instance, every common space needs its rules. Think about those rules together with your employees. Don’t simply ask them to follow the ones you came up with. Then, it is important to make sure that everybody understands clearly what the rules mean, so that there’s no misunderstanding as you go along. To make it even more official, you can even sign off on the rules. Then, of course, the team has to realize that they are all responsible for the space. Which means they will have to take care of it accordingly.

What Kind of Rules Do You Need?

In case you are unsure regarding what are the rules that the safe space has to have, you should remember that they differ according to the team members, the office environment, the company’s profile, and so on. However, there are a few rules which are normally agreed upon.

One of the most relevant ones is that no matter what happens in that space, it stays there. Kind of like Vegas. This is how you get people to trust the space and become comfortable sharing their experiences, knowing that they are confidential. The second really important rule is that there is no judgement in the safe space. After all, that is why it’s called a safe space. So that you can speak freely and not fear that people will judge you.

What Should I, as a Team Leader, Do?

Since you are the team leader, and people look up to you, you have even more responsibility in what concerns the safe space training. The most important thing is to be honest with your employees, even if it means admitting you don’t know something. Also, treat all the team members the same way. Providing consistency is a really important part of making your employees feel safe.

Why Should You Implement the Safe Space Training?

Because you will gain a clear insight into your team members’ personality, beliefs, concerns, and so on. Since no employee is the same, you, as a leader, have to be able to recognize their individuality if you want them to be successful. Plus, you can find a way to use their talents to benefit the organization overall.

All in all, the safe space training is a great technique to make sure you maximize your team’s potential. Not only that, but you will also form meaningful relationships with your employees, that will benefit both parties.

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Author: Amanda Knowles