Rules Of Life: Keeping Your Excitement To Continue Living Every Day

5 Essential Rules Of Life To Help Live A Better Life With A Purpose

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If you’re struggling to find your reason for living, you aren’t alone. A lot of people have this problem, and escaping the inertia of daily life can seem next to impossible.

We’re here to tell you that there is a way out. You can create a purpose for your life and make each day count. Instead of counting the days until the weekend, you’ll start cherishing every moment as the blessing that it is.

Here are five rules for life that will guide you along the path to finding your purpose.

Find Your Passion

find your passion

You’ve probably heard the quote “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is true to an extent, but that doesn’t mean doing something you love doesn’t require work.

You might not even know what you actually love to do. Additionally, your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be what you do for work.

Discovering your passion is one of the rules for life that will undoubtedly bring you more meaning. The tricky part is finding out what that passion is.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do more than anything? Did you create stories for your friends to follow? Then you might want to try your hand at writing. Did you always want to help someone who was in need? Consider volunteer work at a homeless shelter.

You don’t have to force yourself into a passion, but having one gives you a reason to wake up every morning. It’s the driving force behind why you can’t wait to keep driving forward.

Working in a field that fits your passion is ideal, but it’s not always possible. Your passion might not be in high demand, or it might be in a crowded field that makes it difficult to stand out.

Keep at it anyway. It doesn’t matter if you don’t “make it” in the traditional sense. The simple act of having a passion will be enough to inject meaning into your life. You might even find a way to make a career out of it in the long run.

Of course, developing and fulfilling a passion takes work. The above quote is true to a point, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in long hours and tireless effort.

If you’re already working on your passion, take a moment to recognize that not everyone is as fortunate. You may be working harder than you ever have before, but there’s a meaning behind what you’re doing that’s below the surface of a hard day’s work.

Take Control of Your Life

Take your life back

People don’t seem to realize that they have complete control over their life story. The rules for life are about unlocking your full potential, and nothing is more important than learning that you can change.

Most people are content to live as a passenger in their own life. They graduate high school, go to college, get a job, buy a house, raise a family, retire, and eventually meet their demise. This story has played itself out countless times throughout human history, with the minority of people daring to challenge the inertia of the system.

Snap yourself out of this routine. If you hate your job - quit. If you hate your career - find a new one. All careers take hard work, experience, and practice, but it’s all within your control.

You’re writing the story of your life every day. You are the author, and control the outcome of the book that is your life. Sure, there will be some inescapable events along the way - but even those can be controlled to an extent.

The narrative is completely up to you. Don’t wallow and feel sorry for yourself if life isn’t going the way you wanted it to. In the end, it’s no one’s responsibility but your own.

You can complain about your situation for as long as you want - it won’t change anything. You can compare yourself to people that you admire, and feel bad that you never got the same opportunity.

Either that, or you can start making changes to create the life you want to live. Realize that you’re in control; take the wheel and drive.

Prepare, and Say “Yes”


“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

No one goes through life with a complete absence of opportunity. Opportunity comes about quite frequently, whether it’s a chance encounter or a professional offer. You can probably think back on one or two instances where you were in the right place at the right time and benefited from it.

Some say that there is no such thing as luck. Sure there is; winning the lottery comes to mind as something that doesn’t take much more than luck.

Most of the time, though, the above quote rings true. Luck is when you can make the most out of an opportunity that comes your way.

Most people don’t find a dream job by sitting at home, browsing Netflix, and having a job offer fall into their lap. It takes years of hard work and, yes, a couple of breaks here and there.

We all get a few “big breaks” in our lifetime. The problem is, a lot of us aren’t prepared when they come. You might have had a chance to do something special, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

Preparing and putting yourself in a position to succeed will give you the best chance at opportunity. Take the initiative and go after what you want. If you do, something will eventually break the right way, and you’ll get the opportunity you’ve always dreamed of. If you prepare, you’ll nail it.

Take Care of Yourself

Girl taking a morning coffee

Taking care of yourself is one of the rules for life a lot of people tend to neglect. It can be difficult to muster the energy to go to the gym after a long day of work, and ordering a pizza is a lot easier than making healthy food at home.

Giving your life purpose isn’t only about figuring out what you love to do. It also has a lot to do with maintaining your health and fitness.

You only ever have one body, and if you’re not taking care of it, your lifestyle will suffer. You’ll get to the point where your body starts to break down, and you don’t have the energy that you used to.

Once this happens, pursuing your passion becomes not as important as it once was. You’re stuck - both physically and mentally - in an unhealthy cycle of living.

Anyone who regularly exercises knows what it’s like to go a week or two without running or going to the gym. You start to get down on yourself, feel unhealthy, and get the itch that you need to start moving.

This feeling, in itself, is a form of purpose. Healthy living is hard to get into, but it’s addictive once you get there.

Take the time out of your day to work on your body and mind. Spend an hour or two at the gym. Start practicing meditation. All of these lifestyle changes add up and lead to a complete version of yourself. You’ll have more drive and more purpose when you decide to start caring for your body and mind.

Set Goals and Level-Up

Calendar Goals

Giving yourself goals and milestones is one of the surefire ways to inject more meaning into your life. You can do this on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. You can even look five or ten years into the future and give yourself goals to hit in that time frame.

Goals give you purpose and something to strive for. Make personal and professional goals, and compile a list to reach a milestone. To make yourself more inclined to meet your goals, reward yourself for hitting milestones along the way.

A milestone should look something like a checklist for your life. We’ve included a sample milestone checklist below that you can emulate.

  • Make a certain amount of money
  • Move to a new location
  • Start a meaningful relationship
  • Lose X pounds
  • Spend X amount of time helping others

Treat yourself in one way or another when you check all of the boxes on your milestone. Give yourself incentive for hitting your marks, and hold yourself accountable if you fail.

Keep your promises to yourself. Lying to yourself does more damage than lying to anyone else. If you can’t trust yourself to be honest, then how can you trust that you're honest with anyone else?

Live Life to the Fullest

girl sitting on top of the mountain

Injecting purpose into your life is about getting the most out of it. Don't’ be content to sit idly as life passes you by. Start taking control and creating purpose for yourself.

Life isn’t like it is in the movies. Nobody is going to jump-start your life and purpose for you. You have to do it on your own.

Take these tips to heart and implement them in your daily life. Little by little, you’ll soon find that you’re becoming more enthusiastic about life.

Author: Jon Stahl