How to Make a Resume, with No Work Experience, Stand Out

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You don’t have any experience and you want a job. Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to build a resume, with no work experience, if you’re smart about it. Keep reading our article to find out these useful tips.

How to Make a Resume, with No Work Experience, Shine Like a Diamond

1. Get Recommendations

From everyone. If you were a camp supervisor during high school and did an excellent job, have the responsible person write a letter of recommendation for you. Ask him or her to focus less on the camp itself and more on your organizational skills you learned there or the ability to work with children.

In the same way, ask old high school and college professors to write a letter of recommendation for you, which you can use to make a resume without experience, but plenty of other shiny things.

2. Skills

How many have you got? List them all and then some. When you have a resume which does not include any actual working experience at all, it becomes crucial for you to make your case by pointing out all the wonderful things about you. I am hard working, passionate, a good listener, I have emotional intelligence, strong leadership skills and so on and, most importantly, I am ready to prove it!

3. Don’t Over Do It

When you’re trying to make a resume with no work experience, you get scared that no one will hire you precisely for that reason. The fear leads to wanting to overcompensate. Don’t. As important as it may be to fill the blank spaces with something if there is no experience to be shared, it’s also important not to go overboard.

If this is your case, and you are trying to make a resume with no work experience, never make it longer than a page. Otherwise, it will become tedious and tiresome for the HR person to read. Not to mention the fact that your endeavor of overcompensating will be completely transparent and a downright bore. Be simple and straightforward with them. I don’t have any experience, and the reason is this one. However, I have the strongest set of skills you’ll ever see and a desire to knock it out of the ballpark like no one else. Hire me! Straightforward and right to the point.

Bonus round – When trying to make a resume with no experience, never lie! Tell your prospective employer exactly why it is that you don’t have said professional experience. Lies are tremendously easy to see through and will do you more harm than good.

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Author: Amanda Knowles