3 LinkedIn Recommendation Request Tips - In 5 minutes.

3 LinkedIn Recommendation Request Tips

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A LinkedIn recommendation can be a powerful part of of your profile. It can confirm everything you have written about yourself and put you in a position to be called for a job interview. However, there is a social etiquette you must be aware of. Here are three steps to requesting a LinkedIn recommendation.

1. Develop Your Plan

Before you haphazardly ask for recommendations from your connections, strategize and prioritize.

A couple questions to ask yourself:

What is the highest-level contact you have?  If you can receive a recommendation from a C-level exec or vice president, that holds a lot of weight with potential employers.

What position are you looking to apply for immediately? This question is important, if you have a short time to get your profile populated and in order. Here’s an example: your’e looking for a sales job. Your most relevant connection (Sales Manager or former co-worker) can vouch for your sales abilities. Post that recommendation and continue searching for a higher level connection to recommend you. RELEVANCY is key to specific job searches.

2. Send a Request and Give Enough Time to Respond

LinkedIn has a request-for-recommendation feature. Utilize that feature and put a personal note in the text. You might want to state a timeframe that you need the recommendation by. And, if you are looking to use this LinkedIn recommendation for a specific position, let the potential recommender know the situation. Some may ask you to write and send it to them to edit.

3. Send a Thank You Note

Sending a thank you note is vital when it comes to a LinkedIn recommendation. The recommender took some time to write or read and approve your content. And, he or she is virtually signing their name on your behalf.

These are just a few ideas. If you would like to see any specific LinkedIn topics, leave a comment. Share with anyone who can use this information.

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Author: Amanda Knowles