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Successful Individuals Give 4 Reasons Why Social Media Is Good for Business

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The rise of technology and computer development in the last years has led to a real boom in social media. Even though people debate it, truth is that there are lots of reasons why social media is good for business. It makes up most of modern day marketing today. Plus, it has become an extension for businesses and leaders all over the world. This being said, let’s see what a couple of successful individuals have to say about social media!

It’s the first time in history when people have been connected instantly all over the world

Jordan French is an American entrepreneur, best known for being the co-founder of a 3D food printing startup BeeHex, Inc. In his opinion, social media represents the first instance in the entire history which allows people to connect with each other instantly across the world, regardless the place or the cultural differences between them. This is especially good for businesses, since they can reach a huge number of potential customers with minimum effort, time, and money.

It makes your business appear more human

Among the reasons why social media is good for business, Brett Relander talks about making the business appear more human. Being the founder of Launch&Hustle and Digital Marketing Consultant, he focuses more on the human side of audience engagement. Relander claims that the human side generates the best content. Moreover, the more you show this in your social media strategy, the more followers you will have. This happens because people are more attracted by assurance and authenticity, which are essential in creating a brand. For this reason, adding the human touch makes conversations with customers more reassuring.

It helps build your own reputation

Mark Henricks is a journalist that covers up personal finances, health, and fitness, as well as topics related to small businesses and startups. In his opinion, the importance of social media for business is undeniable. One of the best reasons why social media is good for business is the fact that it is a useful tool. You can use it especially for building your own reputation. Basically, you can manage the way in which customers see and interact with you. Moreover, if you have a great policy, you can even keep conflicts at bay.

You can buy more advertising

Despite being a controversial topic, one of the benefits of social media for business is the fact that you can buy more advertising, as Ian Lurie says. He is the CEO of Portent, as well as a speak and a digital marketer. He claims that it is a good idea to take advantage of the options various social media platforms offer, such as boosting your posts for money. Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, both offer you the chance to promote all your posts on their networks, so why not use this option?


All in all, whether you personally agree or disagree with all these reasons why social media is good for business, one thing is undeniable. It has had a huge impact on the business world in the last years, everywhere you look. And if you want to remain at the top of people’s preferences, you should use it to your own benefit!

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Author: Amanda Knowles