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5 Quotes about Fear of Failure from Business Experts and Leaders

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Have you ever passed on an opportunity to move forward with your career because you couldn’t overcome your fear of failure? If so, don’t despair as most perfectionists prefer not to take on projects that have just a slight chance of going south. However, keep in mind that many successful entrepreneurs have tasted the bitterness of failure before achieving their much-desired goals.

There is no success without failure. Today, we’re going to look at 5 quotes about fear of failure from inspirational individuals who overcame their hardships and managed to capitalize their unsuccessfulness.

5 Quotes about Fear of Failure that Will Encourage You to Reach for the Stars

Failure is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen to a person or business. In a way, failure is just another gateway towards success. This is what the following 5 quotes about fear of failure explore – the fructification of unsuccessfulness.

Failure Reveals Hidden Limits

“Through failure, you discover where the obstacles are. You can then formulate a plan to push through the barriers, climb over them or go around them.” Chris W. Dunn

Chris W. Dunn is the founder and CEO of Skill Incubator – a community of investors and entrepreneurs that offers mentorship and courses to future businesspersons. He is also no stranger to failure. During his first years on YouTube, Dunn didn’t manage to convince more than 1,000 people to watch his videos.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from molding his business according to the preferences of users. His unsuccessful videos taught him the most important lesson– how not to. Then, after realizing what his products were missing, he managed to attract the attention of more than two million individuals in less than a year, kickstarting his now highly-successful business.

Remember to Think Outside Your Sorrow

“When we find ourselves in a negative cycle, we must break the pattern.” Paul Pruitt

Paul Pruitt is a success coach, professional photographer, and founder of PROFITotographers.com. He is also a business survivor. Born and raised in a less favorable environment, Pruitt’s first job was to clean tables in a local restaurant. After finishing high-school, he got into real estate, building an empire from scratch.

In 2002, the National Association of Realtors named Pruitt one of the world’s “30 under 30.” However, things went south when he entrusted the reins of his company to family members. Not allowing failure to take a toll on his life, Pruitt turned to photography. He broke the pattern of negativity by switching focus from what caused his pauperization to what could make him happy and prosperous again.

Retrace Your Steps

“Everything leading up to failure is a lesson.” Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long is the founder of Market Domination Media –  a performance-based online marketing agency that helps small business and start-ups to increase their revenue and sales. According to him, failure is an inevitable part of entrepreneurship.

Unsuccessfulness is the result of a series of actions gone wrong. To be able to learn something from a failed attempt, you must look at the bigger picture, trace back your steps, and analyze each step that brought you closer to failure than success.

Sow Your Own Success

“Failure is the very seed of growth and success.” Zach Cutler

Zach Cutler, the founder and CEO of Cutler PR, has had to face failure many times before his company became the go-to PR firm for all things tech. Instead of making him loose perspective, everything that went bad helped him readjust his focus.

For Cutler, failure is anything but a stop sign. It’s a helpful nudge in the right direction; it’s a big glowing sign that you should rethink your strategy. In a way, failure is a strategy on its own.

Humanity Thrives on Imperfection

“Failure is simply a price we pay to achieve success.” John C. Maxwell

As the bestselling author puts it, those who never make mistakes usually take orders from the people that do. It’s only natural to fail when you try to push your limits. Furthermore, failure – at least in the world of business experts – is part of the job.

All in all, the most important thing to keep in mind is to never let failure stop you from reaching your goals. Learn from it, adapt to the negative influencers, and use it as a ladder towards success. We hope these 5 quotes about fear of failure inspired you to shoot for the moon. If you fail, you’ll only land in the stars.

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Author: Amanda Knowles