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Top 7 Qualities of a Good Person

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Being a good person is what everybody is striving for. Or at least they should. But what does this expression mean, more exactly? Today we are going to have a look at the top qualities of a good person and see why they are so important.

Qualities of a Good Person – How Many of Them Do You Have?

1. Honesty

A good person is always honest with their friends and coworkers. They are always clear about their intentions and don’t try to deceive other people. However, there’s also a downside to it. Some people may prefer little white lies instead of the cold heart truth.

2. Trustworthiness

Nobody will call somebody who is lying and deceiving people ‘a good person’. As such, if you want to be perceived like that, you need to prove to be trustworthy. Try not to give away your friend’s secrets and not to gossip. Moreover, whenever you promise something, try your best to stick to it. Otherwise, people will stop trusting you or will think you’re shallow.

3. A Sense of Humor

In general, people don’t see sobriety as one of the qualities of a good person, on the contrary. Try to be more relaxed and to see the positive side of things. We know it might be very hard sometimes, but it will all be worth it when you will see people’s appreciation. Imagine that you have the power to brighten their day with only a word or a joke. Though it’s not compulsory, a sense of humor is surely one of the qualities of a good person. Being able to laugh at the smallest things shows a positive attitude and a healthy mindset.

4. Politeness

Clearly, rudeness has nothing to do with a good person. By default, being good means respecting the others and being polite towards them in most of the circumstances. Naturally, it’s not feasible to be jolly all the time, but being polite also means apologizing when you make a mistake.

5. Discipline

Another one of the qualities of a good person is being disciplined. Having a sense of discipline means distinguishing between what’s good and bad. Moreover, this implies a certain amount of self-control, which is necessary when resisting temptation.

6. Generosity

While this doesn’t mean you have to donate everything you have, being generous refers to a deeper understanding of the world. When you’re generous, you see that we shouldn’t place so much value on material things. Furthermore, it means that you are a more profound person who finds joy in sharing with others what they have.

7. Empathy

This is a very important feature that is mostly overlooked these days. Being able to empathize with the people around you is going to bring you a lot of friends. Try to listen closely and pay attention to their mood and the message they are putting across.


The qualities of a good person we presented above are not compulsory, of course. The definition of a good person varies from a group of people to another, but there are some universal things, such as the ones shown above. From having a good sense of humor to being generous and trustworthy, it’s not easy to gain these qualities if you don’t have them already. Even so, it’s worth a shot at becoming a better person.

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Author: Amanda Knowles