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4 Projects to Donate Books for a Good Cause

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While some of us have access to whatever books we want whenever we want it, not everybody is that fortunate. There are people who can’t afford to buy books, and this is an important obstacle in their path to knowledge. Luckily, people who want to donate books to others and provide them with more opportunities to learn new things can do that through many channels. Because we want to help you make a difference, today, we’re going to tell you all about 4 amazing projects where you can donate books for a good cause.

Donate Books: 4 Projects to Check Out

1. Books for Africa

This project is a wonderful initiative to help African people get the materials they need in order to learn. It aims to bring about a culture of literacy and empower children to become leaders. You can donate books after carefully reading the instructions on their website, and they’ll sort, pack, and then ship them. Every book sent from the U.S. to Africa costs 50 cents to ship, which means money donations are also extremely important. In fact, they recommend you to send a separate money donation to cover the cost of shipping for the books you want to donate. Since 1988, this project has shipped over 37 million books to no less than 49 countries. The books reach libraries, classrooms, and children who have never had the opportunity to read a book before.

2. BetterWorldBooks

Another cool project that supports good causes, this one is even more interesting due to the fact that you’re not directly donating the books yourself. What you can do is buy a book from BetterWorldBooks, to which they will donate another one to someone in need. So, for every purchase you make, someone gets a donation. This website has partnered up with other non-profit organizations, one of which is actually Books for Africa, and they make the donations with their help. If you’re interested in helping someone out, while also getting a book for yourself, you should definitely have a look at the steps you have to go through in order to make a contribution.

3. Bookfeeding Project

The Bookfeeding Project initiative was born in 2011. Ever since, they’ve been helping communities create libraries that they can use as educational centers. They provide them with books and they help improve the facilities. This is especially true of rural areas. There, people can’t really afford to do that by themselves, and education is crucial. There are many ways in which you can help this project, from donating money to donating your time. However, you can also donate books that you have around the house and don’t need anymore.

4. Inside Books Project

Finally, the last project we want to talk about is an Austin-based one. Its goal is to collect books and all sorts of educational materials, and send them to people who are incarcerated in Texas. They’re trying to educate the prisoners, promote literacy, and help people learn more about incarceration. You can choose to become a volunteer yourself, donate funds, or donate books.

If you’ve ever considered donating books for a good cause, these 4 incredible projects can help you help others.

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Author: Amanda Knowles