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Top 5 Productivity Hacks from Business Experts

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No matter the business field you’re in, you will always have competition. Because we all strive to be the best, it comes as no surprise that we’re obsessed with enhancing our productivity levels. That may not be as easy to achieve, especially when you have a lot of things on your plate. But it is not impossible either, as many experts have already proven. All you need to do is find as many creative productivity hacks to help you work smart and efficiently. Here are 5 of them coming from business experts!

Business Experts Share Their Productivity Hacks

1. Only Read E-mails When You Know You Can Respond

This incredibly useful productivity hack coming from Neil Patel will help you save more time than you could imagine. Patel reminds us that we tend to waste a lot of time going through our inbox, even though we don’t actually respond to e-mails per se. So what he advises us to do is avoid the temptation of checking our inbox, unless we really have the time to answer. Otherwise, we will end up reading the e-mails and wasting time in the process.

2. Learn to Prioritize Active Actions Instead of Passive Actions

This is what Jaime Masters from Eventual Millionaire advises us to do. First of all, let’s see what she means by active actions and passive actions. Well, active actions are the ones that contribute to your end goal in an obvious way, while passive actions are just things that take up your time for nothing (such as checking your Facebook account). If you don’t want to waste time, you should focus on things that will positively affect your business and forget about the rest.

3. Schedule Every Single Thing

And we do mean every single thing. According to Chris Ducker, if you don’t add a thing to your schedule, you will never accomplish it. Even if for some people this technique might sound extreme, Ducker swears by it. He schedules every activity in his life, even things such as time he gets to spend on social media, time in which he thinks about new creative ideas, or time in which he answers e-mails.

4. Stick to What You’re Good at

Scott Eddy from MrScottEddy has figured out that a lot of people tend to fall into the trap of trying to do everything by themselves, even if they are not experts in the field. Consequently, he advises people to admit that they don’t know everything and let other people take care of some tasks. That way, they can focus on things that they’re actually good at and increase their productivity.

5. Say No

Yes, you heard that right. In order to be productive, you have to learn to say no to a couple of things. Craig Jarrow from Time Management Ninja mentions three areas where you should apply this: meetings that you have been invited to and that are not useful to you in any way, e-mails or phone calls that are not urgent, and favors that you might want to say yes to but don’t have the time for. You are not rude if you say no, you are simply striving to be more productive.

These expert productivity hacks have definitely inspired us to get some more work done and focus only on what matters most. We hope you feel the same way!

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Author: Amanda Knowles