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Product Placement and How to Use it to Boost Sales

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We’re all quite familiar with product placement by now. After all, we see it all the time in movies or television shows. Our favorite character is drinking Pepsi. It’s almost as if it’s tempting us to go buy some ourselves, right? Well, that is one of the things companies want to achieve by using this tactic. If you place it in the right scene at the right time, the appearance of a certain product can boost sales enormously. Not to mention that more people will acknowledge your brand. Today, we are going to explore what makes product placement so beneficial and how you can use it to gain more customers.

How Is Product Placement Used to Boost Sales?

One of the main reasons why product placement boost sales is because people watching the scene in which the product appears develop a sense of familiarity towards it. They associate themselves with the company in a way.

There is more than one way in which you can use product placement. You can simply place the product somewhere in view, but not mention or use it at all. You can also have a character use it, yet not talk about it. Another option would be to simply mention the product, and yet another one would be to endorse it. However, the most successful one seems to be the instance where characters both use and mention the product.

Of course, it also helps if the character using it is one of the protagonists or most loved characters in the movie or television show. Moreover, it is worth noting that product placement appeals more to young people than adults or the elderly.

The product placement can be of a less obvious nature. This is where not the entire name of the product is visible and so on. But it can also be quite straightforward, where the message of the entire scene revolves around the respective item.

Some specialists believe that using product placement will make the viewers remember the name of your brand for a long period of time. Or even determine them to go purchase the product for themselves. Others believe that people don’t pay that much attention to product placement, especially when it’s more covert. Regardless if you consciously realize the product placement and it actively influences you, or you don’t but you find yourself craving that same product later on, there is no denying that product placement does have an influence on us.

Product placement is not only useful to boost sales. It also makes viewers more familiar with your brand, which is particularly helpful if you are at the beginning of your journey and you want more recognition. However, you should also remember that people tend to be more aware of products that they already know. At the same time, they might ignore or not even acknowledge products that they are not familiar with.

Depending on how much money you are willing to spend on advertising your product, your brand can be central to a certain scene and receive more attention, or can simply be mentioned or placed in the background. Regardless of the method, product placement is a useful tool that can definitely boost your sales.

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Author: Amanda Knowles