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3 Personal Finance Articles That Will Change Your Spending Behavior

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There many personal finance articles which you should read. However, there are less than many such finance articles that will turn your world upside down. In this article, we will cover three of such articles and what you get to learn from them.

3 Personal Finance Articles Will Change Your Money Behavior


First off, Kristin Wong, a writer for Life Hacker, who was confronted with a credit card and student debt. In her article, she speaks about the perks of handling your own finances, of tracing your net worth, and avoiding any type of debt.

“I took small steps to get out of debt, paying my lowest balances off first, until I finally became 100% debt free shortly after college.”

Now that she’s in control, she knows what to expect from the market. And she is a better manager now than she would have ever been in the past.


This article is a round-up of cash-diet stories from people who were unable, up to one point, to self-manage their finances. This is one of those personal finance articles that will give you the goosebumps when reading how much debt these people had.

On her behalf, Carolyn O’Hara, the author of the article, states that:

“Instead of counting calories, this diet requires setting aside your credit cards and only relying on old-fashioned cash to cover day-to-day expenses. By limiting your spending to just what’s in your wallet, goes the theory, you’ll be more likely to stick to a budget—and less likely to make impulse purchases with plastic. In other words, you’ll buy only what you need and less of what you simply want”.

And when you’re making ends meet from day to day, never knowing how the following day will be, you definitely start asking yourself questions. And, as it can be read in the article, sometimes it is better to apply the old envelope method to save some money, instead of making more expense just because you feel the need for something.


The last of our personal finance articles list is written by Brittney Castro, found of her own firm. Now, she says that:

“A financial education is something almost no one receives growing up, yet it’s one of the primary components of financial success.”

And this is without a doubt. She recommends scheduling weekly money dates. Dates in which you take care of your finances, check the state of your bank account, and how much money you have spent up to that point. Also, she recommends reading about personal finance from accomplished authors and businesspeople. One advice of hers says that, in order to see if a business idea is worth it, apply that once in your life. Cautiously, of course.

Thus, wonders will happen. Stories impress us because we get to learn from other peoples’ tales the dos and the don’ts in a particular segment. And so did these personal finance articles. People who were put in a very distressful situation, but who managed to get through, while also accomplishing themselves.

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Author: Amanda Knowles