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4 Personal Branding Experts That Will Inspire You

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What is the one thing you need to establish yourself as a startup entrepreneur? Credibility. What you need is to attempt to position yourself in a completely new way that will allow you to stand out as far as competition is concerned. The most important thing when it comes to that is branding. Your personal brand is one of the most powerful arrows in your marketing quiver. But where to start? Here are four personal branding experts that will inspire you.

1. Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim has a fantastic rags to riches story that is bound to inspire you. At the end of 2010, he was almost homeless. However, he managed to surpass all his hardships and, in 2016, Inc. Magazine named him a top digital and youth marketer. He teaches people all about their personal brands. Therefore, if you want to know how to discover and grow your own, Leonard Kim is the guy you have to go to. He also has a course in which he shares the secrets to personal branding you might want to look into.

2. Ryan Foland

His specialization is strategic communication aimed at corporate and personal brands. Apart from that, he is the one who created the 3-1-3 Theory. According to him, pitches should begin as three sentences, then be reduced to one sentence which is then compressed into just three words.

He is also the co-founder of Influence Tree and helped very much demystify how personal branding works. Ryan turned it into something that people can actually comprehend and enjoy at the same time.

3. Nicolas Cole

If you were looking for a guy with a massive following, you found him. Nicolas Cole is the man. He’s all the good things you can think of wrapped up into one. An entrepreneur, creative strategist, and author. Talk about impressive! He was published in everything you can think of, including the likes of Observer, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Slate, The Thought Catalog, TIME, Fortune, Inc., and Forbes.

Nicolas Cole has a portfolio capable of impressing just about anyone. He worked with influencers, thought leaders, and serial entrepreneurs, and helped them all to build their personal brands.

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4. Dan Simons

Dan Simons currently owns and is the founder of Founding Farmers Restaurant Group. If this sounds familiar, that’s because one of its restaurants, Founding Farmers, is the most booked in Washington D.C. Apart from being a massively successful entrepreneur and part of the out list of personal branding experts that will inspire you, Dan Simons is also involved in protecting the environment as well as workers’ rights. Once he included these concepts in the way he organizes and markets his business, there was no way but up for him.

Our four personal branding experts, Dan Simons, Nicolas Cole, Ryan Foland, and Leonard Kim, will prove to be real inspirations for you and your startup business. Don’t hesitate to follow them on their social media accounts and extract every grain of wisdom they have to dish your way. Learning from the best is the only way to do it!

Author: Amanda Knowles