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How to Apply Performance Management Ideas to Yourself

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When we think about performance management, we usually think about what we have to do to determine others to perform at their best. There are plenty of performance management ideas that you can apply to your team. But did you know that you can also apply them to yourself? And in fact, you should also apply them to yourself.

Performance Management Ideas

Tackle Every New Task with Enthusiasm

This may sound difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to tasks you are dreading to accomplish. But a positive attitude can work wonders for your ability to tackle the task faster and more successfully. And, if you are really worrying about a task that you have to do but keep postponing, start working on it right away. Be confident in your abilities to follow through, they exist despite the level of difficulty of certain tasks.

Set Realistic Goals

No matter what you want to apply this performance management idea to, you should always be realistic. Whether it’s about your ability to finish a work presentation in time, or your body’s capability to train 3 hours a day, if your gut tells you it is an unrealistic goal, give yourself more time. It is better to take more time and do a great job, than panic because you won’t be able to finish on time and decrease your self-esteem levels.

Continuously Assess Your Progress

Especially if we’re talking about long-term tasks, it is extremely important to always have an overview of your progress. Usually, with these types of projects, it is better to set a final goal. But it is also important to set many other smaller, but equally important goals, that you can achieve in time. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep going if you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. And this is where the little goals come in, to help you feel a sense of accomplishment and raise your enthusiasm and confidence in the project.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

The fact that you need help from time to time is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, it’s part of what makes you human. Accept that there are times when you cannot handle every single detail by yourself. Ask for help from a coworker or family member (depending on the situation). Not only will you look back on your obstacles, but you will also form meaningful connections with people who understand what you’re going through. And who knows, maybe you will get to help them next time.

Appreciate Yourself

It is easy to be tough to yourself when you are under pressure. But it is quite difficult to be appreciative of your efforts in a similar situation. That is because you tend to put too much pressure on yourself, which causes the small failures you might go through to seem like huge setbacks, while the victories you achieve lose importance. It is time for you to change this attitude! Don’t be so quick to pass by your achievements, but learn to cherish them as symbols of your abilities. Moreover, from time to time, make sure you treat yourself to something you enjoy doing, as a reward for finishing a task or achieving a goal.

These performance management ideas are some of the things you can do to make sure you run as smoothly as your work team does. Follow our advice and pay more attention to your needs!

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Author: Amanda Knowles