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5 Passive Income Opportunities to Increase Your Cash Flow

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Many people have a wrong idea about passive income opportunities. In their opinion, this means that they don’t get to work at all and money will keep flowing towards them. But what is passive income?  Passive income streams mean that you have to make an initial upfront investment and plenty of nurturing in the beginning. After a while and lots of hard work, the income streams will be able to build and even maintain themselves. Thus, you will get some consistent revenue without making too much effort.

Suggestions for Passive Income Opportunities

1. Dividend Stocks

This is a highly tested out way of earning some passive income. You will have to do lots of research in order to find some good stocks. Moreover, set aside a serious amount of cash to invest in them if you want to receive dividend checks. With all the effort, you have to know that dividend stocks offer some significant income in time.

2. Peer to Peer Lending

This passive income opportunity refers to loaning money to other people. The borrowers don’t qualify for obtaining normal loans, which is why you can borrow them money. However, you need to pay attention to who are you giving money to. Also, you have the ability to spread your investment out if you want to mitigate your risk. There are even some special platforms out there where you can reach out to other people: Lending Club and Prosper.

3. Renting Properties

This is a great way of getting some monthly income without too much effort. You can start out by investing some money in platforms for crowd funding. This is how you can get started with rental properties. If you want to make no effort at all, you can even outsource some things, such as running the properties, to a different management company. Even so, it’s a great idea if you want to know how to make more income.

4. Writing a Book

It may seem like a hard task to achieve but think about the benefits you have after you write it. Indeed, it does require some work and time investment, since you have to research some marketing strategies and sell your book. Once the book is up and available for sale, you will receive royalties from its sales. You can also research how to get paid for blogging.

5. Rent a Room in Your House

If you have a free room in your home, you can rent it and make some money. This is perhaps the most common one of the passive income opportunities. Airbnb is a great website for this. It is a traveling website where you can put up your room for tourists. It does require some work since you have to maintain it and meet tourists to give them the key, but it’s worth it in the end.


All in all, there are plenty of passive income opportunities out there. As you have seen, choosing one of these options does require some work. Most of them ask you to invest either time or money or both in the beginning. As such, keep in mind that you still need to make some effort, but the reward is satisfying.

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Author: Amanda Knowles