From Passion to Profit: 3 Entrepreneurs Reveal How Their Hobbies Turned to Businesses

from passion to profit

You know that old saying ‘it’s not work if you love it?’ What if we told you it’s not just a saying and that it’s actually true? What if we told you that you could take your biggest hobby, the thing you love most in the world and turn it into a profitable business, thusly securing a financial future for yourself and doing the thing you like for the rest of your days? Here are three entrepreneurs that went from passion to profit.

1. Kim Lavine

Her story is a truly incredible one. In 2001, she made microwavable pillows filled with corn kernels and gave them to her kids’ teachers as gifts. Everyone loved them, so she started selling them out the back of her truck. She then moved on to a mall kiosk when people just couldn’t get enough.

Two years later, Kim Lavine’s pillow made it into Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Five years later, in 2006, she had made $1 million in sales. Talk about a pillow of dreams!

2. Origami Owl by Bella Weems

At the age of 14, Bella Weems wanted a car. Her parents encouraged her to try and bring up the money herself, so she turned to babysitting, but despite long hours she only came up with a few hundred dollars after a few months. Therefore, she thought about buying some beads, customizable lockets, and charms, and starting to make jewelry which she could then sell to friends and neighbors.

The plan worked like a charm, pun intended. The first time she ever sold something was by inviting people over to her house at 14 for a party and showing them her locket creations. They loved them. Soon she had a kiosk in a mall. From there, the business went national. Now, aged 18, Bella Weems reins in sales of hundreds of millions of dollars and has a contract with Swarovski for crystal embellished lockets. And yes, she got a car, which she called Alice because Alice in Wonderland is her favorite book.

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3. Emily Schuman

You might be familiar with Emily Schuman as the owner and face of Cupcakes and Cashmere, a fantastically famous blog. Passion to profit? Yes, please. When her blog reached the million followers mark, this beauty quit her day job and dedicated herself to her online presence. She hasn’t regretted it since. Her blog includes ideas about food, fashion, DIY, décor, how to be a good mom, and even a shop.

You can buy everything Cupcakes and Cashmere branded here, including clothes, of course, jewelry, accessories, home décor items, Emily’s books, and beauty products. Happy shopping!

As you can see from the examples of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Origami Owl, and Wuvit, the heating pillow, with a lot of hard work and dedication, you can turn your passion to profit as well. The important thing is to follow your dreams no matter what because who knows where they can lead you?

Author: Amanda Knowles