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Overcoming Objections in Sales: Learn Never Take NO As an Answer

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You can’t avoid getting ‘no’ for an answer occasionally. But this becomes a real problem if you’re working in sales. Often, your potential customer can raise some issues or objections. It’s not easy to counter them, which is why today we’re presenting you some tips on overcoming objections.

Overcoming Objections in Sales Tips and Tricks

1. Stay Silent

Even though your tendency is to jump to overcoming objections immediately, it is wiser to stay silent. You have more time to think and, who knows, maybe the customer will even answer their own objections. Moreover, this shows that you care about your client’s objections enough so as to think about them.

2. Gather All the Information You Need

How can you overcome an objection if it’s not clear for you? Ask all the questions you need to understand. Use pleasant phrasings, such as “What do you mean?”, “Can you tell me more about… ?”. It is advisable to use open questions, not just “why?”, since they will reinforce all the reasons for which they object.

3. Check Your Understanding

Besides asking questions, it’s important to also check if you understood the problem in the right manner. This step is very important since it keeps a good level of communication between you and your customer. If you don’t answer their objection correctly, you might even trigger a new one.

4. See If that’s the True Objection

Sometimes, people use a different objection to hide the real one. In this case, you be should on the lookout for any signs that show there is another objection underlying. Ask them if, in the possibility that you could eliminate their objection, would they order or buy on the spot? Here, it’s important to pay attention to the nonverbal response. If their body says no, this means there is another problem.

5. Handle the Objection

Think about it and see if it’s possible to neutralize or eliminate it completely. One way of doing this is to think beforehand of some commonly encountered objections. Prepare some answers and offer them if they use one of the common issues. However, don’t try to make their objection fit your pre-prepared answer since this will make you less credible.

6. Check Their Satisfaction

After you managed to tackle their objection properly, now it’s the time to check their satisfaction. Ask them if the issue was handled to their happiness or if everything is clearer now. If not, then you will have to make some sacrifices and be more flexible with your solutions. Flexibility is the only thing that can save your deal now.


As you have seen, overcoming objections in sales is not such a complicated business. It’s important to listen actively and to make your interlocutor feel that you care about their issue. You might use the trick with pre-prepared answers, which can save you time if they have common objections. However, your most important goal is to make them feel listened and to solve their problem. Lastly, just like with overcoming adversity, remember to be flexible with your offers and solutions.

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Author: Amanda Knowles