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Overcoming Your Fear of Failure: 5 Smart Tips

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If you’re an adult, then you’ve probably struggled at least once in your life with the fear of failure. After all, this is a natural thing, it is what shows us that we are all human. It is inevitable: you have an important presentation coming up and you know your career depends on your ability to woo people, of course you are going to be afraid of failure. You are going to imagine every single thing that could go wrong, and stress over it. We want to help you out with that, so we’ve prepared 5 tips for you on how to overcome your fear of failure.

Accept that Failure Is a Part of Life

As pessimistic as this sounds, it is true. You are going to fail more than once in your life. And it is not the end of the world. Think about this: have you ever failed before in your life? Are you absolutely fine now? Is it just a bad memory at this point? Then it means that you have the ability to overcome failure and rise from the ashes. But be careful, don’t expect failure, this will bring too much negativity and attract bad things. Just accept that there is a possibility that you might fail, as with all things in life.

Take Failure as a Life Lesson

One of the best ways to overcome fear of failure is to try and learn something new every time you fail at something. Change your mentality – don’t take failures as setbacks, take them as opportunities to grow and better yourself. More importantly, do not take failure personally. This is a really common mistake, and one of the worst things you could do when you are confronted with failure. Remember, it is not an inherent flaw in your character, failure does not define who you are.

Focus on Your Goal

If you are experiencing fear of failure before an important event in your life, try to focus your attention on what you want to achieve every time you catch yourself doubting your abilities to go through with it. Instead of believing you can’t do it, think of the exact steps you have to take to reach your goal. Focusing on the main objective will minimize the possibility of you fearing failure and overthinking everything.

Don’t Put Things off for Fear of Failure

Another tendency that we have when dealing with fear of failure is to postpone the inevitable. Let’s say you have a presentation to do as soon as possible, but you fear the outcome. You will most likely tend to postpone doing it so as to postpone the possibility of failure. But this is not how things work. Because ultimately, you will still have to tackle the issue. So the best advice we can give you is to get to work right away.

Isn’t Regret Worse than Failure?

Let’s say you decide not to take that promotion because you fear you are not good enough for the job and that you will fail. So you stick with what is familiar and easy. But how else are you going to develop, if you don’t take any chances? And remember, months from now, you might find yourself wishing you would have accepted the job. So instead of dealing with “If only I would have…”, why not give it a shot now? Who knows what you might be missing.

While these are only a few of the things you could try in order to overcome your fear of failure, try to keep them in mind the next time you might be tempted to give up because you don’t think you can make it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles