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Organic vs Paid Search – Learn the Difference

organic vs paid search

Upon making the simplest search in a search engine, you can see them both, proudly displayed on the same page. But can you spot which is which? And if you do, can you explain the technical difference between the two? In this piece, we have set out to clearly and straightforwardly settle the battle between organic vs paid search. Then you can brag you know it too.

What Is the Difference Between Organic vs Paid Search?

As noted in the introduction, it all starts simple enough, with our common, daily internet search. You can use any search engine you wish, but we’ll take Google for reference and example, just to make matters easier. Let’s say you search the words ‘boho dress.’ The first page of Google will display for you the most relevant results.

These results are divided into two categories – the ones based on organic searches and the ones based on paid ads. Let’s see what they’re all about.

Organic search results usually mean web pages that match the two words you filled in Google’s search box most. They are also based on relevance. The content on these websites is typically very high as far as quality goes and the sites themselves receive a lot of traffic. These are just a few of the reasons why they made it to the first page of Google in the first place. This is what SEO means.

If you look at the page itself, you’ll notice that there are mostly stores who sell ‘boho dresses,’ just like the query and, probably, the Wikipedia page explaining what a boho dress is. The Wikipedia page is almost always at the top of any search because of its content relevance alone.

Paid search results are ads. If you take another glance up and down the first page of results in Google, you’ll see that, apart from all the websites that match your query perfectly, there are also a few that actually have the mark ‘Ad.’ They have a small square box on the left with the letters ‘Ad’ in the center, right next to the website’s URL. These are the paid searches.

In other words, the owners of these websites have actually given money so that their sites show up on the first page of Google whenever people search particular strategic keywords in the engine. When the organic listing shows up, so do these websites. In the case of our examples, they will most likely be stores selling clothes which are advertising in this way.

What Is the Conclusion?

In the battle organic vs paid search, it’s very easy to spot one from the other. Google displays paid searches clearly apart from everything else on the page. Either on top, at the bottom, left or right from the organic ones. They also have the little square box marking them, if they are stores. They might even have their phone numbers or star ratings on. All in all, it’s really very easy to spot them once you know which is which.

Organic vs paid search is a highly interesting and debated topic. However, in penetrating it, one must start at the bottom. And that is understating what exactly are organic and paid searches. Let us know in the comment section below what was your experience with this concept and do you think about it.

Author: Amanda Knowles