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Top 3 Online Resources for Lifelong Learning

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As the name suggests, lifelong learning is a process in which people pursue knowledge all throughout their lives, be it for professional reasons or entirely personal ones. The process has to be self-motivated, voluntary, and more importantly, ongoing. You can use it to develop your professional skills and get high-paying jobs, you can use it to become a more active citizen, to learn how to take care of yourself, how to become an important part of society, and so on. The main idea behind this process is that people shouldn’t only learn when they’re young and attending school. Learning should be present in every single moment of their lives. If this sounds like something you agree with, here are 3 online resources that can help you get started.

3 Online Tools for Lifelong Learning

1. Diigo

Sometimes, with the overwhelming amount of information we can find online, it’s hard to remember the essentials. Which is why a tool such as Diigo is perfect for making researching easier for you. Forget about transferring the information from a website into a Word document just to make sure you remember it. Diigo can help you create highlights on any webpage you access. You can also use annotations and access them later, even if you’re not using the same computer. Diigo has a lot of interesting options, such as the tag one, which allows people to use relevant tags and find webpages more easily in the future, or the groups one, where you can share your research with other people.

2. Internet Public Library (IPL)

The Internet Public Library is exactly what it claims to be, a public library that you can access via the internet. One of the greatest things about this online resource for lifelong learning is the fact that you can find information from a lot of different areas of interest. You can research books, subject collections, magazines, reference materials, and so on, all for free. You also have the option of using a physical library locator. Moreover, you can “Ask the Librarian” if you can’t find whatever you’re looking for or if you have any further questions. All in all, the IPL is one of the most useful resources for a lifelong learner in the digital age. Thus, we advise you to take advantage of it as much as you can.

3. OpenCourseWare Consortium

One of the greatest things about the age we live in is the fact that people don’t have to attend actual classes in order to learn new things. They can simply find courses online (some of which are also free of charge) and go through different course materials that are as helpful as those you would receive in a university class. OpenCourseWare Consortium is a website where people can find entirely free courses and materials that come from some of the best and most prestigious universities in the world. The OCW was made possible due to more than 200 universities and colleges that collaborated in order to provide people with useful course materials.

If you want to focus on lifelong learning, these 3 online resources are the best place to start. Let us know what you think of them!

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Author: Amanda Knowles