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4 Online Marketing Courses that Could Make a Difference in Your Future

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If you want to learn more about marketing, but you don’t have the time to actually go to class, you can always try some online marketing courses which are great substitutes for college courses. Luckily, since many people are opening up to the idea of learning digitally, a lot of websites are coming up with interesting online classes as well. Apart from the possibility of learning from home, and the fact that you can make your own schedule, some classes are also free of charge. If this has peaked your interest, here are 4 online marketing courses that you should keep in mind.

4 Online Marketing Courses You Should Try

1. Google Online Marketing Challenge

Some would argue that the best place to learn marketing from is definitely Google. We have to say, they might as well be right. Google offers a digital marketing course that is designed both for students and teachers, and that you can go through according to your personal schedule. This course is based on video tutorials. It covers the basics of marketing, such as AdWords, mobile strategy, SEM, video networks, social networks, and so on. You also have the option of choosing the AdWords Certification category. This provides you with a certificate in which Google recognizes your ability to use AdWords tools and campaigns.

2. Introduction to Marketing from Alison

For the people who are not at all familiar with the topic of marketing and want to learn the basics, this course from Alison might be the right choice. You don’t have to pay anything to take it, and you also receive a certification at the end. The course is designed to provide people with the most important strategies and tools in the marketing world. You will also learn about different types of marketing and how to identify the best one for your business.

3. Strategic Marketing Measurement from MIT Open Courseware

This course that you can find on the MIT Open Courseware webpage is all about marketing research that aims to understand the market. First, you will learn what the best way to write a marketing research survey is. Then, you will find out how to conduct it and analyze its results. The ultimate goal of the course is to teach you how to uncover the structure of a market and its segmentation. If this sounds like something you would enjoy learning about, you can simply download the course materials and start at your convenience.

4. Marketing on Twitter from Udemy

Finally, for the people interested in social media marketing, this course is definitely the way to go. It is absolutely free and it doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Plus, you get a certificate attesting to your efforts, and the possibility of learning on your iOS or Android device. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to grow your business profile on Twitter, you should know that this course is going to provide you with a lot of inspiring ideas.

Whenever you find yourself looking for an innovative way to learn about marketing, consider at least one of the amazing online marketing courses we provided you with above.

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Author: Amanda Knowles