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Top 5 Online Cash Manager Apps to Handle Your Funds Better

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Don’t put off until tomorrow that which can be done today. The adage applies in all seriousness when money is at stake. That said, it’s hard to manage your finances without a headache usually kicking in. If you’re young and inexperienced, you might give up altogether and leave it to fate – which is usually the banks or the IRS – to plan the trajectory of your money. However, there’s one professional you’ve left out of the equation – the online cash manager.

The plethora of apps and services available online hardly helps when your problem is disorganization and confusion. To this end, we’ve narrowed the laundry list to the most comprehensive and popular online tools of the day.

The following five apps will give you a better understanding of your spending habits while keeping your balances available at a glance. So put your worries on airplane mode and let these smart cash accountants do all the math tricks for you.

Five Online Cash Manager Apps to Employ for Your Financial Wellbeing

1. Mint

This popular app that’s free on iOS, Android and Windows keeps your budget with no fuss at all. You will definitely sleep better at night knowing Mint is restlessly and automatically managing your transactions, your earnings, savings, and spending.

The app also syncs up all your accounts, from mutual funds to your IRA and 401(k). The layout is easy to decipher. No need to take technical with this highly organized online cash manager. Mint points you to your deposits and credit card debts in comprehensive sections.

2. Good Budget

Good Budget is like an old timer who’d rather receive its mail through the post rather than online. The app actually uses envelopes as its design. It will stay on top of your cash flow by putting allocated amounts of money into these charmingly traditional envelopes.

If your money management skills top at sifting through disorganized piles of receipts and various pockets and pants, you might need a helping hand.

3. Expensify

Another free app that will make budgeting less than a chore, Expensify features both a smartphone and an easily navigable web interface.

Using the four big options: SmartScan, Track Time, Track Distance, and Add Expense, you can photograph receipts, keep tabs on your hourly earnings, track travel distance by odometer (in case you’re driving the car’s company), and choose to place your expenses in either the billable or reimbursable sections.

This highly efficient online cash manager works wonders for anyone who’s swamped with receipts every month. Just snap a photo and add it to your expense report.

4. Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense allows you to peek through the looking glass of your finances. Before creating budgets, it will give you a preview of your spending habits.

If you prefer to keep a tighter grip on your online cash manager, Pocket Expense will relent the reins to you. The app doesn’t sync with your bank account. Instead, you need to manually introduce all the transactions you’ve made.

Rather than divide your spending into sections, Pocket Expense color codes them. Trust us, you want the overall green color – which stands for available credit, rather than red – expenses and debts.

5. Bill Guard

This handy app will divvy up your monthly budget and disentangle that yarn you call your spending habits. And, as the name appropriately indicates, Bill Guard is here to protect your transactions from fraud and nagging hackers.

As opposed to Pocket Expense, this app will sync your bank accounts in order to calculate the total balance and your daily, monthly, and yearly expenses. Moreover, if you’ve already developed an outstanding Tinder-swiping finger ability, you will feel at home with Bill Guard. The app lets you swipe to the right if you’ve made a transaction or the left if you feel it’s unauthorized.

Bottom Line

If you often have to keep track of receipts and want to stay on top of your spending habits, the online cash manager in the guise of a single free app will definitely be an acquisition you won’t regret.

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Author: Amanda Knowles