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4 Online Business Ideas that Found Success Through Creativity

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To start an online business, you don’t only need a great idea, you also need a lot of creativity to develop it. There are so many online businesses that have started out with an idea, and later developed into the online giants that we all know today. Because we wanted to provide you with some inspiration, we decided to talk about some of them today. Join us in exploring some of the most successful online business ideas and how they started out their journey.

Online Business Ideas and How It All Started

1. Flickr

Did you know that the famous image hosting website didn’t start like this at all? Believe it or not, Flickr started as Game Neverending, a role-playing game that you would play online, and where you would have to travel on a digital map, communicate with other people, and build, buy, and sell things. You might be wondering how this turned into an image hosting website. Well, the game also had a tool specifically for photo sharing. As it turns out, users appreciated this tool the most, and this is how the company thought about Flickr. In 2005, Yahoo! Bought Flickr, which is enjoying tremendous popularity right now.

2. Instagram

Another one of the most popular social media tools that focuses on photos, Instagram also started out as a completely different thing. At first, the app’s name was Burbn, and it was a check-in app. It had a photo option as well, and even some elements from the game Mafia Wars. Since this seemed like too much for just one app, the creators decided to take a creative risk and stick with only the photo option. That seems to have been one of the wisest choices they could have made, since now, Apple users use it more than any other photo app on the market.

3. PayPal

The format that we currently see and use with PayPal wasn’t always the same. In fact, Confinity developed the company in 1999. The original idea was to give people the possibility to pay from their PDAs (an old-school type of smartphone). Later on, the company merged with Elon Musk’s X.com and eBay sellers instantly preferred it over other online payment systems. Its success today recommends it as one of the most successful online business ideas in recent years.

4. Twitter

Another online business that started out as a different thing, Twitter was called Odeo at the very beginning of its journey. Not only that, but it also wasn’t the social networking site that we all know and love today. Odeo was a place where you could listen to your favorite podcasts. However, since iTunes pretty much took the lead in that area, the company’s founders looked for other things they could turn the website into. That is how every employee was asked to come up with ideas. Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey proposed this type of micro-blogging website.

These examples of online business ideas that were creative and daring enough to become successful will definitely inspire you to take a leap of faith with your own idea. If not, they will at least show you how determination can indeed move mountains.

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Author: Amanda Knowles