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5 Out of the Box Office Christmas Party Ideas

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What’s better to put everyone at work in the holiday spirit by having an office Christmas party? Since there are so many different types of Christmas parties you can have, we compiled five of our favorite out of the box ideas for you to choose. From an ugly Christmas sweater party to a Santa’s workshop party, let’s start getting everyone at the office in the holiday mood.

1. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

There’s nothing more festive than horrible-looking Christmas sweaters with either a Santa face or large reindeer antlers sticking out of the front. For your office Christmas party, you should have everyone bring their most ridiculous looking holiday sweaters and see who can outdo the rest. However, keep a few ugly sweaters on hand for the office members who can’t find an ugly sweater at home. You should also be sure to decorate the office with holiday decorations and Christmas-themed treats for everyone’s lunch break.

2. Christmas Movie Marathon Party

Watching holiday films, such as A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life is a great way to celebrate the Christmas season at the office. Plus, hosting a Christmas movie marathon party is a fairly inexpensive and can be enjoyed by everyone in the workplace. All you need is a projector, beanbag chairs, popcorn, candy, pizza, and some drinks. However, you can make it even more enjoyable if you can bring the movie experience outdoors if it isn’t too cold.

3. Christmas Murder Mystery Christmas Party

For your Christmas murder mystery Christmas party, every office member is presented an identify and have to play their character. Suddenly, someone at the party has been murdered, and the murderer is someone in the office. It’s on you and your coworkers to find out who the murderer is, while the murderer tries to avoid suspicion for their crime. You should also be sure to bring props or costumes to make it more fun and help get into character.

4. Christmas Around the World Christmas Party

Nearly every country around the world celebrates some holiday tradition, even if they don’t call it Christmas. You can take advantage of how different cultures celebrate the holidays by having a Christmas around the world Christmas party. There’s no better time to appreciate different cultures around the world than at Christmas. And that’s especially if you have a diverse office. You can also have foods from around the world and set it up as a buffet in your office. You can also have seasonal songs from different countries.

5. Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party

Our final idea for your office Christmas Party is a Santa’s workshop-themed party. Set up your office like Santa’s workshop, like scattered presents, Santa’s sleigh, and elf workstations that hold activities for staff members. Hosting a Santa’s workshop party is a great way to get your team to reconnect during the holidays and bring everyone together.

An office Christmas party is a great way to celebrate the holidays with your coworkers. Hopefully, our five office Christmas party ideas help you choose a theme to go with for your workplace. We wish you the best of luck planning your office Christmas party and a happy holiday!

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Author: Amanda Knowles