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3 Non Profit Jobs with Huge Career Potential

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The non profit employment sector is growing today more than ever. And not only is it growing but it’s doing so faster than you ever imagined. As a matter of fact, reports and studies show that employment in the non profit area of the market has doubled over the last 25 years alone. It now employs over 10 million people.

In this article, we shall explore a few opportunities which you can take advantage of for a long, lasting, and fulfilling career in non profit jobs.

Non Profit Jobs with Huge Career Potential

#1. Community Outreach Coordinator

We decided to begin our list of non profit jobs with this one because a community outreach coordinator is a critical position when it comes to a non profit organization. The person who occupies this position has the vital task of promoting the company’s mission within the local community.

Some of the actual everyday jobs you will have to do will include the following.

  • Organizing events
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Arranging an entire plethora of projects with the aim of getting the community enthusiastic about what your community does.

#2. Grant Writer

As far as non profit jobs go, being a grant writer is paramount as well. Your daily activities will ensure that the organization which you work for meets its financial goals. In other words, you will have to compose and complete applications for funds.

These applications go out to the government, a trust or other foundations, explaining your cause and asking for finance. You will also be working right below the development director. With his help, the grant writer makes sure the non profit organization has enough money to carry out all its projects.

#3. Volunteer Coordinator

This entry on our non profit jobs list is pretty self-explanatory. You are the person in charge or organizing and managing the volunteers. Needless to mention, it’s a significant one as well. The reason is that a non profit organization depends on volunteers to function on a daily basis.

You must make sure to cover all the aspects of a volunteer’s job and mission. This idea means that you will have to hire them, recruit them, and place them wherever the need strikes. You must also train and manage them.

Some other non profits jobs include the following.

  • Case Manager
  • Child care worker
  • Childbirth educator
  • Major gift director
  • Living skills advisor
  • Public relations manager
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Aides Supervisor
  • Special events director
  • Teen center director
  • Policy analyst
  • Juvenile Counselor
  • Labor union organizer

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Author: Amanda Knowles