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The New York Times Learning Network: A Wonderful Resource for Personal Growth

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The New York Times is definitely one of the most popular American newspapers, and with good reason. They offer a variety of sections that deal with different topics, from business, to arts, news, sports, science, travel, style, and so on. More recently, anyone who visits their website can also access The New York Times Learning Network. This is a blog that teaches people different things by using content from The New York Times. Today, we’re going to tell you all about it, from what you can expect to find there, to who’s it meant for and how you can use it.

The New York Times Learning Network Brief Overview

Who Is It Meant for?

The New York Times Learning Network is targeted to three main groups: teachers, parents, and students. Teachers can use this resource to look for interesting ideas to teach their students. They can also exchange ideas with other fellow teachers. Parents can use it as a place where they can share their thoughts on different news stories and how they were perceived in their home. Finally, this network encourages students to make their voice heard. They can have discussions on everything happening in America and the world, from popular culture to politics. Something you have to keep in mind is that you can only use this learning network if you’re older than 13.

What Are Their Regular Features?

One of the greatest things about this learning network is that they have a lot of regular features that you can enjoy. The Lesson Plans are compiled using New York Times content. The Word of the Day section teaches vocabulary in the context of articles from their newspaper. The Student Opinion one asks students questions related to recent news. 6 Q’s About the News is a feature where students can answer 6 questions (who, where, what, why, when, and how) about different articles. Test Yourself contains questions that can help students develop their academic skills. On This Day in History teaches people about historical events.

The section News Quiz provides interactive quizzes on top stories, while Student Crosswords contains topical puzzles. What’s Going on in This Picture is all about students analyzing an image lacking a caption. Teenagers in The Times focuses on news about young people, and Great Ideas from Our Readers features your ideas. Ideas for Any Day’s Times tells you how to teach pieces from The Times. Finally, Poetry Pairings presents a work from the Poetry Foundation and adds a Times article that matches it.

Why Is It Great?

You should definitely check out The New York Times Learning Network from a number of different reasons. The most important one is that you get tons of imaginative and detailed materials that you can use for multiple purposes. They focus both on teaching and learning, which are two of the most important things in anyone’s life. Moreover, they rely on a variety of mediums, such as articles, videos, photographs, illustrations, graphics, and podcasts. Finally, you get to access all of these things for free.

If everything we’ve told you about The New York Times Learning Network has sparked your interest, don’t hesitate to check it out!

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Author: Amanda Knowles