How to Negotiate a Relocation Package

Negotiate a Relocation Package in 4 Steps

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Everyone knows that, no matter how much you might love your new job or position, relocating is not easy. In fact, it’s not even an easy decision to make. You have friends, family, and a partner with whom you want to stay right where you are. However, if you’re compelled to do it, you might at least try and get the best deal possible out of it, right? Here is how to negotiate a relocation package successfully.

How to Negotiate a Relocation Package

Step 1. Always Ask for Help

If you think that your company has everything figured out just because you are moving, you’re wrong. Most of the times, if you don’t ask for something, in particular, you will not get it. Therefore, if you need any assistance with the move itself, the relocation or your new job or position, make sure to ask.

Step 2. Ask for Money for the Move

As much as you think the whole move is going to cost you, double it. That’s the only way you can stay on the safe side because it will cost you a lot more than you planned. It always does. Therefore, when you negotiate your relocation package, make sure to include sufficient moving costs as well. If they are within reason, you will be granted the funds.

Step 3. Know Your Needs

Prior to the move itself, you will have to have the negotiation. And right before that, you need to think about the things you are going to need. Never rely on the company or some secretary to think about your needs because they won’t. Apart from that, you need to understand that all relocating plans are different. A single man will never have the same needs as a man with a partner, three children, a boat, and two cars.

Step 4.  Make Your Case by Bringing Up the ROI

The best part of all companies tend to think about expenses in terms of ROI. In others words, before they make a decision whether or not to invest in something, they consider what return on investment they will have.

Building on this idea, a great tip when it comes to negotiating a relocation package is to tell them what they are getting in return if they’re giving you as much money as you need or want for this move. Evidently, they’re getting you. But what else?

All these tips and tricks about how to negotiate a relocation package are here to take the stress and edge off of the move itself. However, the best advice we could possibly give you is to sit back and enjoy this new chapter in your life. It’s all one big adventure and who knows what it may bring?

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Author: Amanda Knowles