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Top 4 Glorious Native Advertising Examples That Will Amaze You

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Native advertising refers to ads that take the form of the content which normally appears on the platform where the ad is displayed. Most of these types of advertisements are done online. Moreover, they usually come in the shape of an article or a video. Even if it’s created with the purpose of promoting a certain product, the ad is made to look as if it’s something you would normally see on the respective platform. This is the reason why we call this type of advertising native. Today, we’re going to look at 4 native advertising examples that are truly amazing.

4 Native Advertising Examples Worth Checking Out

1. Wired&Netflix

One of the most fruitful partnerships relying on native advertising is that between Wired and Netflix. In May of 2015, Wired released a really awesome interactive article on technology and how it changes ads. Netflix was the sponsor of this article, where Grant McCracken, an anthropologist, talked about everything TV related, from movie actors switching to television, to the practice of binge-watching. The article was especially attractive due to its form. It only features a single page of information. However, as you scroll down, a lot of cool effects, a video interview, a survey, some stats, an audio commentary, and so on await.

2. Gawker&Newcastle

Perhaps one of the coolest and funniest native advertising examples out there, the one featured on Gawker decided to put it all out there and use the title “We’ve Disguised This Newcastle Ad as an Article to Get You to Click It“. Needless to say, it was highly effective. People appreciate content that is able to make fun of itself and be subversive. This is precisely what Gawker did. The advertisement managed to sell some Newcastle beer and also make people question the format and purpose of native advertising.

3. The Onion&Starbucks

The Onion is well-known for their witty and satirical posts. This time, they partnered with Starbucks to talk about how to be productive on the weekends. The title of the article is “Scientist Posit Theoretical ‘Productive Weekend’”. It features a specialist talking about the best ways in which someone can enjoy a productive weekend. The conclusion is that specialists are testing a combination of motivation and… some Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso.

4. 20 Minuten&Homegate

20 Minuten (a well-known Swiss newspaper) and Homegate (a real estate company) partnered up to create one of the most original pieces of native advertising we’ve ever seen. Homegate and 20 Minuten collaborated with the film production company Frame Engine and the Bandara agency to bring children’s dream houses to life. How did they do that? By using Oculus Rift technology. First, they asked a couple of children to make a drawing of how their dream house would look like. Then, they selected three of the most creative ideas and made them real with the help of virtual reality. The reactions the children had at seeing their dream houses was truly amazing. This is how Homegate and 20 Minuten managed to create a successful native ad.

These 4 native advertising examples are definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in promoting your brand the same way.

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Author: Amanda Knowles