Debunking 4 Millennial-Generation-Workplace Myths

Debunking 4 Millennial-Generation Myths

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The millennial-generation myth is a thoroughly misunderstood one. They are known to be the first generation which has not experienced the world without internet, computers, and technology, and that proved to be a difficult thing to digest for many people. The digital generation has been the victim of many myths up until now, and we do believe it’s time they were laid to rest.

4 Millennial-Generation Myths

1. Millennials Don’t Have Any Professional Goals

That idea is thoroughly untrue. The millennial-generation and its exponents have numerous and various goals. The simple difference between them and the previous generations is that they no longer wish to have a traditional ‘boss’ or to be cooped up in a confined space all day long. They also strive to make it on their own, by finding a job in which they can maximize their skills and knowledge.

2. Millennials Are Always Looking for Approval and Acclaim

This way of thinking is not correct at all. This myth about the millennial generation also states that they believe they should get a diploma ‘just for showing up,’ as should the rest of the team. Absolutely not. They want to perform in a workplace which is ethical, correct and strict from a moral point of view. They also desire to be rewarded according to what they can do.

3. The Millennial Generation Is Lazy

This one is, apart from being a myth, also a misinterpretation of their lifestyle. They simply know and embrace the fact that life really needs to be lived. There is no point in working 17 hours a day, then going home, crashing into bed and starting all over again the next day.

They appreciate the small and finer things in life, such as sitting down and having a cup of coffee for two hours straight, having a long lunch, and leaving right on cue from work if they finished their job. This might be misconstrued as lazy, but it’s far from that. In fact, it’s probably, something we should all be doing.

4. Millennials Are Addicted to Technology

As a response to this myth, we can only tell you one thing – who isn’t? The only people who don’t seem to want or to be able to climb aboard the technology boat are the seniors who still feel it’s something strange and utterly not trustworthy. Apart from that, everyone loves their smartphone, laptop, tablet, and digital reader. They make life easier to enjoy and help us work faster and better. So why are blaming the millennials?

Even though there are many millennial-generation myths, which we strive to debunk, one shouldn’t view it in a negative way. There have been myths circling every single generation regarding their professional life. The millennials are not the first, nor will they be the last.

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Author: Amanda Knowles