Top 4 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers

Top 4 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers

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They say that there are more people out there afraid of giving a speech then they are of something happening to them. It makes you wonder how many people there exist who are, in fact, scared of participating in an interview. Probably all of them. How many times did you wish you had a cheat sheet you could use during your interview and could help you give all the right answers? Funnily enough, the most common interview questions seem to be the hardest to nail.

Not anymore, though. Here is the shortest yet best guide on the most common interview questions. How to answer them -you’ll see today.

1. Can You Tell Me a Bit About Yourself?

The trick to answering this question and absolutely ace it is never to speak about your personal life. If you want, you can add some details such as the place where you were born or talk a bit about your hobbies. However, don’t go too much into detail because the interviewer is not interested what zodiac sign you’re in, the name of your first pet fish, or how you spend your weekends.

Instead, you can talk about the way you are in your professional life meaning your former jobs, experience, and accomplishments.

2. Why Should We Hire You?

Did you know there is a way around this question? When they ask why they should hire you as one of the most common interview questions, don’t say explicitly why but why you are the perfect fit for the job in question.

Here’s an example. Don’t say things such as the following: because I’m the best, because I want this job, or because I need money. Instead, you can say that they should hire you because you have read all about the job and the company, and you believe your skills and expertise match what they’re looking for flawlessly.

3. What Is Your Greatness Strength?

The key here is balance. Don’t go over the top and claim you’re the new Superman but don’t be too modest either, because you won’t be doing yourself any favors. The idea here is never to make any claims which you cannot back with an explicit example. Apart from that, you must also never name strengths which are not relevant for the position for which you are currently applying.

4. What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

Whatever you do, never answer with a cliché like ‘my biggest weakness is the fact that I’m a perfectionist’ or ‘I care too much’ and ‘I get too involved.’ All the hiring managers will see right through your attempts, and they will not like it.

Instead of these cliché answers, you must try to be sincere. Highlight something that you consider a weakness. However, be careful so as not to choose a weakness which you know is a paramount competency for the job you want.

Bonus round for the most common interview questions and their answers – never dodge any of these inquiries. Try to be as honest as possible because the employers will seek to find out if what you claim is true or not. Be brave and don’t let anything deter you!

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Author: Amanda Knowles