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5 Mindfulness Exercises You Need Today

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Mindfulness exercises are simple, yet unquestionably useful tools which help you live in the now. They are a form of meditation which will guide you towards feeling and sensing very clearly exactly what you are undergoing at any given moment. The greatest part about mindfulness exercises is that you can do them everywhere and anytime. Intrigued?

Here are five surprisingly simple ideas to try right now.

Mindfulness Exercises You Need in Your Life

1. The Hand Exercise

Hold your hands together as tightly as you can for about five or ten seconds if possible. Let go. Now focus on the feeling left in your hands. Keep concentrating on that for as long as you can or have time to do it.

2. The Mental Focus Exercise

Pick an object. It can be absolutely anything from a pencil on your desk to a tree outside your window. Stare at it intensely as long as you can. Remember that you must concentrate only on that particular object. If your mind starts to drift toward other things, don’t let it. The more you can focus, the more mindful you will feel.

3. The Touching Exercise

Pinch your arm not too softly but not too hard either. Your aim is to create a sensation, not pain. Focus on how you feel and how your emotions are beginning to behave. If there is any amount of pain involved, watch how it radiates away from the place it originated.

As far as mindfulness exercises are concerned, this one will show you how your body deals with pain or discomfort. It will also demonstrate how your emotions connect to said symptoms. For example, do you get scared or angry when you feel pain and discomfort?

4. Using Music for Your Mindfulness Exercises

Play one of your favorite songs. Quietly sit somewhere, don’t move, and just think about how it makes you feel. Are there any emotions which it stirs? If so, what are they and why do you believe that this particular song brought them on? Think about memories as well. What does the song remind you of and why?

Tip – don’t let the emotions and memories go to waste while listening to the piece of music. Let them flow, go with them, and see where they lead you. You might make some fantastic discoveries about yourself.

5. Using Your Sense of Smell

Smell is the primary function when it comes to bringing up memories and stirring emotions. There is nothing quite like it. Smells are capable of reminding you of things you experienced as a toddler, and you didn’t even know you still had them lodged in your brain.

For this mindfulness exercise, you need to smell something strong, such as perfume, coffee beans, flowers, or food. Stand still and focus on the images and, maybe, words or songs that immediately come to your mind. How do they make you feel? Why did they come to you now? Are you happy, sad or angry for reliving them?

Mindfulness exercises can also focus on tasting different things, imagining that you are melting into the chair you’re sitting on or challenging your beliefs. No matter which one you choose, the important thing is to live in the present and understand more about yourself as a human being.

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Author: Amanda Knowles