3 Stunning LinkedIn Summary Examples

3 Stunning LinkedIn Summary Examples

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A good LinkedIn summary can and will make the difference between professional success and stagnation as far as your career is concerned. Learning from very early on just how important your profile on this platform really is can only help you achieve the successful career you’ve always wanted. Here are three stunning LinkedIn summary examples to inspire and assist you on your way to greatness

The Best LinkedIn Summary Examples

#1. Brittney Borowicz

Britney’s profile hits all the key notes one is looking for in an outstanding LinkedIn profile. She presented her information in a very clear and concise way, using bullet points. Britney has a beautiful and distinct picture. She has highlighted her key experiences as well as her strengths. Her information is complete, an area about which you should be very careful.

Britney has also listed all her volunteer experience, her interests, the times when she participated actively in groups which interested her. She also listed her influences.

#2. John Crossman, CCIM, CRX

The absolute first thing which stands out when you look at John’s profile is his cover photo. He has used a team picture. The photo says that he knows just how important teamwork truly is. He is also showing he is friendly and liked as a person. John, in his turn, loves working with others.

The second thing which you notice when you first glance at his profile is his personal photo. It’s a high quality, professional image, in which he is wearing a black suit and smiling broadly. It’s the perfect combination of serious and personal.

The third thing you should take with you after looking through John’s profile is this. He was skillful enough also to include information about the awards he has received, as well as the skills and endorsements he got from others.

#3. Anthony Gioeli

He too has a great cover photo, although he could work on his personal one a bit more and replace it with a more professional one. Even so, he has some incredible highlights as far as LinkedIn summary examples go, which you should take into account.

Anthony has cleverly listed a concise summary doubled by contributions of third parties. His experience info is bulleted, to make for a far easier reading exercise. He has used all his recommendations where they were applicable.

Last but not least, Anthony has organized all his skills and endorsements so as to prioritize those which he deemed to be more relevant to his present-day professional endeavors.

Having a LinkedIn profile is not sufficient. As you can well see from these stunning LinkedIn summary examples, creating the perfect one will really make you stand out from the crowd.

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Author: Amanda Knowles