4 Simple Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Appealing

4 Simple Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Appealing

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If you’re looking for an employment opportunity, you probably already know that searching for a job in the newspaper is now obsolete. Nowadays, it’s so much easier to search for jobs, thanks to the many online tools at our disposal. A key tool is your LinkedIn profile. But, if your profile isn’t attractive enough, you won’t get any attention.

Here are four simple ways to make your LinkedIn profile pop.

1. Make Your Headline as Professional as Possible

The headline field on LinkedIn fills automatically, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore it. Manage your settings by changing the headline into a sparkling and engaging one. Just like with the news, for example, a brilliant headline will attract far more attention than an automatically generated one.

2. Your Name Should Be Searchable

The best part of recruiters will always try to find more information on you by using your name to search on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. If you happen to have a significant nickname or maybe even a maiden name which you still use, add it to your profile. You will increase your chances of the employers finding you on social media.

3. Make Your Location as General as Possible

If you happen to live in the suburbs or a small town, don’t put that into your LinkedIn profile. It will make possible employers believe you do not wish to relocate, commute every day or even drive to work. Therefore, instead of a suburb, you can add the name of the major city on the borders of which you are currently living.

4. Add as Many Recommendations as You Can

Listing your skills on LinkedIn is crucial, evidently. The same goes for having or asking people to endorse you for those skills. Still, nothing beats a good, old recommendation. The more you can get, the better. Ask your former employers or even significant peers to write some. It doesn’t honestly matter how short they are, as long as the person who wrote them is considered to be professional and objective.

You can also include recommendation letters written by coworkers, employees that you had or former faculty professors. They will put you at least one step ahead of your competition in job hunting.

Evidently, making your LinkedIn profile more appealing does not consist of only adding things to it. You must also consider what you need to take out of it, so give that some thought as well.

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Author: Amanda Knowles